I had pvc yesterday has anyone else had these before

Hello everyone;
Yesterday I had what felt like a fib but when I went to see the dr they told me no you are not in a-fib. My chest was like comming out of my shirt. I would here one real loud beat and 2 small beats after that. Well, I got an xray and an echo done and the dr who did the echo said you are having pvcs. It made me go crazy yesterday thinking something was really wrong. Has anyone else had this experence and did the dr do anything for you? Please write me back thank you so much..

Sincerly your friend from the heart
Lisa M. Davidson

Heart Surgery.

Hello All,
I spoken to the nurse at the hospital regarding about my new device. They told me I will be admitting and If I am doing well I will be going home the next day. I am surprised they will admit me for this kind of stuff. Will they make me get up and walk around? I like to lay in bed. I hate being on the cardiac floor. That’s where they are going to put me on the cardiac floor. intermediate care one step down for the intensive care unit. They also told me if I am not doing well then I will not go home. depends on how I am doing. Do you guys go into the cardiac floor when you have heart surgery? Write Back Soon,
Take Care,

Rehab unit concerns, and specialists in general

Hi there, not sure if I told you guys this yet, but I have gotten myself a referral to the rehab unit of the heart institution because I have gained alot of weight in the last six months of so and I feel that it is a drain on my heart not to mention I am concerned about what kind and how much exercise I can, should, might do without doing damage to myself.
Anyway, I went to see the coordinator a while back, got all the preambles done and then they set up an appt with their doctor after me doing another stress test, well apparently I didn’t do very well on the stress test again, especially for someone on beta blockers, so this doctor wants me to up my prescription dose. She apparently consulted with the electrocardigist who doesn’t even follow me anymore, but didn’t contact my cardiologist with congential I don’t think. and most importantly she didn’t consult with me, she set up for me to get this mugga scan test done again, and didn’t even tell me, they called my house and left a message and I am going WHAT THE HELL.
Anyway, I have since spoken to the nurse practiioniner related to my congential heart doctor and she seems to think that there is a concern and that I should do this test again, not to mention upping my medication, YEAH.
I hate all this poking and proding and looking into my CASE, but mostly I HATE when people treat me like even though it is my body I don’t have a say in the type of treatment I get or don’t get.

Cardioversion for Lone Atrial Fibrillation

Howdy: I just had a successful cardio version and am now back in sinus rhythm. But before I put on my running shoes and start training for another marathon let me tell you some of my experiences and what I have learned from countless hours of surfing for info on the net and calling cardiac centers and pestering for answers. Just like life nothing is guaranteed so best take nothing for granted. I am in my mid fifties and my best guess is that I developed atrial fibrillation when I had a nasty bout with pneumonia. It was asymptomatic and when I first noticed my heart rate monitor reading really high during heavy aerobic workouts I passed it off as a faulty receiver. After getting another monitor and having the same readings…. well it was nerve racking at first with the diagnosis, the constant poking and prodding of all the tests, (I don’t do doctors well) but by adjusting my daily routine to combat this and having access to medical information on the web, and the support of others who have had similar experiences things have gone fairly well.

I qualify that because this was my second cardio version, the first lasted only two weeks. I was baffled by the short success since I have been extremely cautious. I gave up all caffeine months ago, and have been tea totaling, vitamin popping, sleep as much as I can and try to listen to my body. My doctor changed my beta blocker from toprol to atenolol, and told be to take it in the evening since most people slip out of sinus rhythm in the early hours of the morning. I had been taking handfuls of vitamins which I asked my doctor about, and now I have stopped taking hawthorne berry, extra vitamin E and some of the more expensive ones. I am taking a multiple, magnesium and omega-3 and some b vitamins.

Now it’s another waiting game and sometimes that is the most difficult.

There is a lot of mis-information out there regarding Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

omega3I can explain all the bio-chemistry to you (if your interested) but I would never suggest to anyone that they ever consume Omega-6 fats period. When using the Omega-3 family of acids whether it be ALA, EPA or DHA its important to note that a balance needs to be created between the acids. National Institute of Health has put foreth that the balance of omega-6 to omega-3 bet 4 to 1. Presently most people consume an estimated balance of 20:1. Omega-6 are widely believed to be “bad” fats. Although they aren’t really bad – but when your consuming at the average level – it can have a detrimental effect.

I too use flax oil and buy generic azithromycin as well as the ground seed, its important to remember that flax oil has been proven in-effective as a protocol for treatment of heart conditions. Ground seed has an abundance of solid research that reports its extremely beneficial to the heart and arteries. More important that any of this stuff is that the Omega’s must be balanced before you will recieve any benefit whatsoever. This is a very complicated matter and my wife and others have been working on practical ways to help people balance the Omega’s as well as a “wellness” protocol utilizing fish oils, flax oil and flax seed. We have studied the Budwig protocol in depth and understand most of that protocol as well. If you want more information or questions answered – don’t hesitate to ask.

Have three suggestions:

1. You made a mistake when you tried to stop masturbating. It _will not_ hurt you!!! Masturbate more, and your premature ejaculation may improve.

Your own feelings (about masturbating) may be adding to your problem with premature ejaculation.

2. Any sex therapist will be able to help you with premature ejaculation. There are exercises you can do with your wife which will help delay your ejaculation. It’s a _treatable problem_ !!!

You will need to find a sex therapist, and tell him (or her) about your situation. This may be difficult for you — but it is better than the shame and anguish you are having now.

3. There is a 15-page chapter on premature ejaculation in:

“Guide to Getting It On”, by Paul Joannides.

It has some exercises which may help you. You can order it from Amazon.com, if you can’t find it at your bookstore.

ED or am fine?

To whom it may concern:
Dear ppl, Faisal here, I am 24, and quiet energetic,the problem i currently facing is that am passing through a phase of anxiety.

Actually I ve been masturbating for last 11-12 years, and now i feel myself as if i ve become impotent. Sir/Mam my penis wouldn’t errect any more, and mostly a sticky white fluid comes out befor and after pee.

But the thing is i used to masturbate via immagination, and now am purely unable to achieve errection, but once i attained it by watching xxx. Today I ordered some ed meds from canadian pharmacy cause a i havn’t prescription.
Kindly let me know whats the problem am sufferring from?
Whats the total masturbation life of penis?
Is ED possible in this young age?
Is ED age dependent or a young could as well suffer from it?
And is my condition curable permanantly??

Plz Sir/Mam do reply, i ve been searching for kind and trustworty urology support.

ps. my friend suggest that i go to a GP and get a blood test to see what my testosterone level is.


Re: Vtach in infants and young children

Hi John,
My 8 yr. old was diagnosed after a routine check up in Sept. where they detected an arrhythmia. From there he was sent to Children’s in Boston where the cardiologists, through holter moniters and EKG’s discovered he has 50% of the time bigenimy and some longer strings of the ventricular tachycardia. He now feels the palpitations, but at the time had not complained of symptoms- I think at that age you don’t really know what isn’t normal? Never any dizziness or fainting. He started on verapamil, and subsequent moniters should no decrease, so they switched him to atenolol, which now he is having side effects- dizziness, tired, eye strain, joint pain. So we’re decreasing the dose slightly- because the VT is still there, too. In two weeks he is scheduled for a catheter ablation, of which now I learned is only 50% chance of curing it.
Part of us is frustrated by the “run around” we feel like we’re getting- what if we did nothing? He had no symptoms, and has a healthy heart. He seams worse since the meds were started, not before.
Any thoughts? I guess any irregular heart eventually can cause damage or tire of working so hard. My pediatrician says it is a gray area because it is so uncommon in kids.
The specific title I just learned they think it is right ventricular outflow tract VT, which is analogous to a child with SVT, but with lower success rates for medical therapy and catheter ablation.

Vtach in infants and young children

Excuse me for prying, but ever since the original question was posted I was wondering how vtach was found in such a young baby? I presume just a normal postnatal checkup uncovered it, but were there any symptoms you recognized after the diagnosis? In other words, how did the baby react? I fully understand the doctor wanting to wait and see before moving on to anything more aggressive and am also wondering if any other condition was uncovered through the doctor’s examination?

Many of us in this group are older adults and we all complain about our own problems, but it comes as a shock when a 3 month old and an 8
year old wind up with what I’ve always considered a more mature condition. Please keep us all posted as to the progress of these 2 young children.

John S.

Re: Hi!

Hi Paula

And welcome to the group. Tachycardia is such a scary thing to have! What did the doctor tell you to do. I have asthma and have to avoid ventolin or it totally starts my heart racing as well as going into strange arrhythmia. What type of tachycardia did the doctor say you have Paula and did he suggest any medications or further tests? I hope you never get another bought of tachycardia again…