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The Americans are generous people and donate billions of dollars each year to churches and charitable organizations. Have you ever thought about where the dollars are going, what they are giving and what they are dedicated to? We all know that there are a lot of scam charities. I’m sure at some point most of you have received a call from scammers trying to oust some money that is supposed to help some fake firefighters or the law enforcement organization. Almost all the money collected flows into the pockets of the crooks, and a few cents could actually be devoted to a charitable purpose just so that they can keep their status as charitable.
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However, there are also problems with some of the major charities. Excessive wages failed offices and only a small percentage of the funds actually issued to help people or to carry out research are some of the accusations that are being raised against some important non-profit-making persons. One example is the National Organization for United Routes, which fell a few years ago under the criticism of blisters because their executives are paid outrageous wages. (This was not about most local groups.)

A few weeks ago there was an interesting conversation between the locals on Facebook on the club’s own way. According to some of the posts, some of the major companies with sites in Bartow County take the common way donations collected from their staff of Bartow County and send them to the United Way of the metropolis of Atlanta. This means that none of these dollars will end up helping charities here on the ground. A few people on Facebook mentioned that the employer could, on request, redirect these donations to the local unit of the Bartow County Association. Sounds like a plan for me.

Arguably the largest non-profit event to be held every year in the Bartow district is the one who is requesting donations for the American Cancer Society. More than 40 percent of Americans will develop cancer in the course of their lives. I have, like almost everyone else, friends and family members who have been diagnosed with cancer. It can be a difficult fight, and those who die from the disease often come to a sheer agony in their last days. One of the reasons is due to the brutal emotion that is stirred up in so many times to talk about possible cancers.

The season for life events draws from the natural desire of the people to be charitable and to be on our emotional engagement with cancer and to pack them with a fun social event. Most people also enjoy a bit of good humor from the competition and in the weeks to gather at the event, local businesses, and challenge groups and compete with others, trying to see who can collect the most donations. If there is ever a fundraising event for maximum participation, a season for life is there, and thousands of residents have participated in some way.

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