Article About Depression

Article About Depression

Depression is a condition that is more of a sad state of affairs when the person’s depression conditions to cause disruption of daily social activities then it is called as a Disorder of depression. Depression is one of the main causes of the incidence of suicide.

Depression is a problem experienced by many people of different ages and social classes. The number of sufferers of depression twice as many women than men, but men are predisposed to suicide. In the United States, 17% of people never exposed to depression at some point in their lives, with the number of sufferers is currently over 19 million people.
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As a serious illness that affects our bodies and souls, depression should not be taken lightly. Elderly depression sufferers prone to exposed senility, easily confused and even death due to a heart attack. However, the good news is that depression can be managed properly when you know its markings.

What Is Depression?

Here are some of the sense of depression according to experts:
According to Rice PL (1992), depression is a mood disorder, the condition of prolonged emotional coloring the whole mental processes (think, feel and behave). In general, the mood which predominantly appeared is a feeling of helplessness and loss of hope.

According to Kusumanto (1981), depression is a feeling of sadness that psychopathological origins, accompanied by feelings of sadness, loss of interest and excitement, energy depletion leads to increased State easily tired after working a very real just a little, and decreased activity. Depression can be a symptom or a collection of symptoms (syndrome).

According to Kartono (2002), depression liver gloom is (pain, feeling of opacity) that pathological nature. Usually, arise by; the taste inferior, hurt, blame yourself and psychic trauma. If the depression its psychotic nature, then it is called a melancholy.

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