Best Cure For Anxiety And Depression-There is no single treatment–whether a drug or therapy-style can beat depression in each case. But whether You would be better off with a combination of medication and therapy? Research suggests the answer is Yes.
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A review of several studies assume data collected on nearly 600 people who were treated for severe depression. The researchers found the recovery is faster and is more likely to occur with therapy plus antidepressants compared to therapy only.

A study of 439 teenagers with severe depression found similar results: treatment with the antidepressant Prozac in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy works better than treatment alone. In the study, 18 weeks after treatment began, the combination therapy increased 85%, compared with 69% of those who only use Prozac and 65% who just do cognitive behavior therapy.

At 36 weeks, a sign of the number is more like a combination of therapy but still edged out of other treatments. Combination therapy helps about 86% of individuals who use this treatment, while the response rate for the Prozac and cognitive behavior therapy course each 81%.

Combination therapy can also help ward off rekurensi. A three-year study reported in The Journal of European Medical Association track recurrence severe depression at about 200 people aged 60 or more. Of those who received interpersonal therapy monthly and nortriptyline medicine, 80% avoid recurrence. In contrast, only 57% of those receiving the drug itself, 36% of them are just given the therapy and only 10% in the placebo group who did it too.

A study in 2004 found that one of the reasons the therapy and treatment can complement each other is that they have an effect on the various parts of the brain. However, if your depression, research suggests that combination therapy no better behavior cognitive behavior therapy or interpersonal therapy only. Of course, it always makes sense to think through all your options. If one type of treatment alone does not help you, consider trying a treatment combination.