Best Med For Anxiety And Depression

Best Med For Anxiety And Depression

What medications is the most suitable and best for anxiety disorder, then the writings below may be able to answer any questions the patient during this time.

A. psychofarmaka

the development of medical science, especially in the field of medicine has delivered the latest medicines in this field. Specific to psychiatric disorders, the 1990s till now appears to look very rapidly once development of drugs primarily psychiatric disorders anxiety disorders. Some of the evidence-based research has been done by researchers both inside and outside the country. A wide range of race and skin color have been following this study, the result is a research-based evidence research that can be applied in daily practice because it has followed proper and safe method.
MWSnap240 Best Med For Anxiety And Depression
Drugs such as SSRI (Serotonin Selective Reuptake Inhibitor) antidepressants have recently been assessed from various studies as the right medicine to treat various anxiety disorders. Medicinal properties that can be widely accepted by various age groups and races make this drug the main choice of treatment for anxiety disorders. In the past before the drug was discovered, treatment with benzodiazepine anti anxiety is the main choice. Drugs such as Alprazolam (which are sold under a variety of brands) are one of them.

B. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is using psychological methods in medicine. Cognitive therapy such as CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is one of the most commonly used. Besides psychotherapy-oriented psychotherapy such as psychoanalysis can be done. The latter trend is the emergence of hypnotherapy done by many people with various claims that can be done.

Theoretically to perform psychotherapy a practitioner should understand phsycodinamica of human personality. It is studied and applied in structured exercises that are normally obtained on the education of medical specialists and master’s education for clinical psychologists.

C. Complementary and Alternative Therapy

Lately there are many questions from askers whether there are non-drug ways that can be done to overcome anxiety. Herbs, herbs, fruits, or anything that is thought to improve the patient’s anxiety condition are often asked. The point is as a scientist then I can only say that whatever therapy is given as long as it is not or is not the result of evidence-based research is incorporated into alternative and additional therapies in medicine.

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