Best Medication For Bipolar Depression

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disease characterized by changes in the liver (in the mood) nuances that are extreme. Symptoms of bipolar disorder consists of two major episodes of mood elasi called manic and depressive mood. Because there is a depression, sometimes the person with bipolar disorder got the wrong diagnosis into depression. While undiagnosed depression, therapy with the drugs used are the giving of antidepressants.
MWSnap229 Best Medication For Bipolar Depression
Whereas drugs anti depressants is not the right medication for bipolar disorder and thus will worsen the condition. a psychiatrist said, if given an antidepressant in people with bipolar disorder manic episode will trigger instead. “Major depression Drug with bipolar disorder is different.

Then the person with bipolar disorder will not show a good response if given the wrong medication, “he said last week in Jakarta. If the use of antidepressants continues, then it will happen fast cycle between manic and depressive episodes or called with rapid cycling. A person with bipolar disorder is said to be experiencing rapid cycling when he had at least four times the cycle of the year. Once the cycle is meant to turn between manic episodes and depression. Wrong diagnosis of bipolar disorder usually occurs because the episodes are often found at the beginning is depression. Even this episode can happen over and over before manic episode comes up. Especially in women.

Medications used for bipolar disorder is a mood stabilizer medication classes. This drug is working to suppress the mood changes between manic and depression. Mood stabilizer medications among others consist of minerals like lithium, and anti-konvulsan. So far only those drugs which give effect to the treatment of bipolar disorder. According to Nurmiati, yet no herbal medicines to cope with bipolar disorder.