Best Medicine For Depression And Anxiety-I follow a variety of forums on Facebook. Many are also among the readers of my articles  or my personal blog ask me by email or post a comment. The question they usually revolve around whether they are suffering from an anxiety disorder which many apparently was.
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For questions like this, usually, I bit hard to give an answer for not checking the patient directly. Usually, I just give a little explanation about the likely diagnosis is experienced by the questioner distributed complaints. But when I asked what the drug problem is best suited for an anxiety disorder, then the writings below may be able to answer any questions the patient during this time.

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A. Psikofarmaka
The development of medical science, especially in the field of medicine has delivered the latest medicines in this field. Specific to psychiatric disorders, the 1990s till now appears to look very rapidly once development of drugs primarily psychiatric disorders anxiety disorders. Some of the evidence-based research has been done by researchers both inside and outside the country. A wide range of race and skin color have been following this study, the result is a research-evidence-based research that can be applied in daily practice because it has followed proper and safe method.

Classes of antidepressant drugs such as SSRIS (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) was later judged from various studies as the right medicine to address various anxiety disorders. Medicinal properties capable of widely accepted a variety of ages and races make this drug became the first choice treatment for anxiety disorders. Before the drug is found, treatment with the drug antigens Benzodiazepine is the premier choice. Drugs like Alprazolam (sold with various brands) is one of them. However, with the progression of time and the growing number of cases of dependence and tolerance to this drug then later its use to watch and not be used singly as drug anxiety disorders that require long periods of treatment.

The treatment of anxiety disorder patients with SSRI antidepressants also takes time. A variety of Western literature says the time between 12-18 months of treatment in order to minimize recurrence. But in practice many improvements in getting when the drug is used between the 6-12 month only. Of course, the use of these drugs should be according to the instructions of doctors and highly individual in nature. In terms of the treatment time will vary depending on a condition of the pain.

B. Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods in the treatment. Cognitive therapy like CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is one of the most often used. In addition to psychotherapy oriented divination such as psychoanalysis can do. The trend in recent times is the emergence of hypnotherapy conducted by many people with various kinds of claims can do. Theoretically, to perform psychotherapy a practitioner should understand psychodynamic of human personality. It is studied and applied in structured exercises that are normally obtained on the education of medical specialists and master’s education for clinical psychologists.

This means in fact without studying the dynamics of character and practiced correctly, one cannot claim to be able to do psychotherapy for supportive even though. But in fact, there are some doctors out in the field of nonspecialist soul or even practitioners who claim to do psychotherapy in practice. I do wonder if the intent of the psychotherapy meant the same?

Psychotherapy alone does not without obstacles. Many barriers to doing this. The resistance of the patient and the therapists own often become constraints early. Usually, the patient is refused or therapist found herself experiencing the countertransference (feel there is an uncomfortable feeling when shared patient caused the patient reminded him of a meaningful figure traumatic in the past). Not to mention the problem of the time which should be promises kept and agreed. Tasks that should be done in patients at home when not with the therapist is the other things that need to get attention. The point of doing psychotherapy that actually it turned out it was not easy.

C. Complementary and Alternative Therapy
Later often many questions from his pen are there ways non-drug that can be done to cope with anxiety. Herbs, herbs, fruit, or whatever that is deemed to be able to improve conditions of anxiety patients frequently asked questions. The bottom line as a scientist then I can only say that any therapy is given it yet or not is evidence-based research results are then incorporated into alternative therapies and enhancements in medicine.

We certainly could not immediately agree if it turns out there is a therapy that only work on one or a few people then said that therapy was the efficacious therapy for all patients. Evidence-based research is necessary to prove claims it to be a product of the recommendations. That’s why even though it may be useful for many people a few therapies can`t recommend due to the possibility of weak when done in large studies. Indeed the bottom line treatment for anxiety disorders it is very individual.

A particular way for someone not necessarily be appropriate if done to others. Even on the use of drugs that already proved through research can also occur to things that are different for each person. No wonder so many types of medication and therapy to one type of anxiety disorder only. Therefore if you ask me what is the best medicine for anxiety disorders, then my answer all depends on your condition.