Blood Sugar Chart For Diabetics a Compatible,read and understands !

Blood sugar chart for diabetics to see and compare blood sugar levels in diabetics. With the graph, the patient can tell if the body needs insulin or food and beverages needed to stabilize and control the blood sugar.

Suggested blood sugar levels how much?

To be able to control the increase in blood sugar, the diagram needs to know how normal the blood sugar levels are:

  • 1. Normal blood sugar is 4-6 mmol / l
    2.low blood sugar is below 4 mmol / l
    3.gula blood in say high is above 6 mmol / l

3 minerals in the nutritional value is very important for you to note:
Blood sugar included in the high category of diabetics can lead to the loss of vitamins and minerals in your urine.
minerals lost primarily such as zinc, magnesium, and chromium are very harmful to your body, diabetics. because the nutritional content in it has a very important role in improving body functions and improve the body’s own cells. so with the decline of these minerals and vitamins, it is necessary to observe with a blood sugar chart for diabetics.

1.suplemen that contain zinc is very necessary for the diabetic patient. Sufficient need for this substance must be met so as to reduce the loss of zinc in the body. This has a vital role in wound healing.can you imagine if diabetics lack this zinc substance? wounds that occur on his body will not be easy to heal and take a long time in healing.
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But too much of this substance in the body is also not good because it can make uncomfortable feet feel sore because it is one result of diabetes. foods such as animal protein such as milk, peas, wheat have high zinc content and for those who like vegetarian food, pumpkin seeds contain a good concentration of zinc too. with proper intake of protein and adequate then the blood sugar will be well controlled. exaggerating.

2. Recommended consuming magnesium supplements regularly to maintain the function of nerves and heart let it work well. Many diabetics who lose magnesium in urine .so needed magnesium enough. Magnesium can get from nuts, and vegetables adequate intake of magnesium will help improve the patient if you have trouble sleeping and reduce anxiety.

3.Supplement of chromium can be obtained from some fruits such as grape juice, broccoli vegetables, and various spices. chromium can help the body in regulating the use of sugar in the body. So that adequate intake in the body is very important.but do not overdo it and of course also not to less.

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