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Diet Plan For Type 2 Diabetes

Each disease certainly has the diet rules so that each patient’s health not worsening. Similarly in patients with diabetes, particularly type 2. A recent study from Sweden revealed the best rule for diet in patients with type 2 diabetes. Studies conducted by Linköping University in Sweden showed that one meal a day Mediterranean diet have… Read More »

Meals For Diabetics Type 2

Type-2 diabetes patients no longer have enough insulin in the body to keep blood glucose levels normal. If the sugar level in the body is suddenly surging will cause hyperglycemia. Common symptoms of hyperglycemia include frequent urination, fatigue, and hunger. This condition usually affects adults who are overweight, although any skinny people remain at risk.… Read More »

Type One Diabetes Facts

Type One Diabetes Facts=Diabetes is a disease of sugar. Even this disease claimed more dangerous than with HIV/AIDS. When a person is affected by diabetes, his entire life will change and cannot be ‘ normal ‘ again. They should always be alert to the possibility of blood sugar are soaring as well as cautious in… Read More »

What Type Of Doctor Treats Diabetes

Should diabetes see a doctor? Kalo medical treatment for diabetes is usually to the doctor? Answer: people with diabetes should see a doctor Expert In diseases of the endocrine Division sub. We recommend that you treat it properly, because of the many complications that caused less attention to disease sufferers. With the correct treatment, we… Read More »