5 Factor What Causes Lower Right Back Pain

What Causes Lower Right Back Pain-Generally, right hip pain is caused by many body habits carry heavy loads on the right. In fact, there are still many causes of your right waist become pain or pain. Let’s see the explanation below.

5-Penyebab-Sakit-Pinggang-Sebelah-Kanan 5 Factor What Causes Lower Right Back Pain

Various causes of right hip pain

There are many possible sources of back pain on the right, one of which is an issue in the abdominal, hip or pelvic organs. Pain and pain can also be caused by inflammation problems in internal organs or possibly infection. Here are the things What Causes Lower Right Back Pain:

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1. Symptoms of kidney pain

Symptoms of kidney stones, urinary tract infections with renal complications, and kidney pain have the same features. Both conditions can cause pain under the waist, can occur in the right and left.

Symptoms of kidney pain are usually accompanied by pain during urination and vomiting. Pain during urination usually occurs due to stone (crystal) kidney that moves through the ureter and finally into the human urethra. The impact of this kidney pain is not uncommon causing right hip pain, where one of the kidneys is in the area.

2. Tense muscles

The most frequent cause of right hip pain is often caused by tight muscles. Tense muscles can also be caused by different things. Examples include when you lift something that is not in the correct position of the body, misplaced, or misdirected exercise. Some of these examples really allow you to experience pain or pain in the waist, especially on the right.

3. Spinal degenerative disease

Diseases that occur in the human spine usually occur when the disc in the lumbar area (spine) began to decompose due to disintegration. Perhaps, you also know him by the name of “calcification” of bone. Usually many occur in elderly people or sometimes caused by obesity.

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For obesity, calcification of bones will occur when the greater the pressure on the joint, the easier it will be more brittle joints.

4. Lumbar disc syndrome

This right hip pain is often caused by improper posture when lifting weights. As a result, it can reduce the function of the cartilage disk behind the body. When the cartilage disc crack narrows then the bone gets pushed, thus causing pressure on the bone or the right or left back nerve. If one nerve is disturbed, the back or the waist will feel tingling, numb and even easily hurt.

A simple way to relieve right hip pain

Most of the back pain in certain parts will disappear by itself unless it is caused by an infection or a problem with the internal organs. It’s a good idea to check your complaints and your pain to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis. Here are some simple ways and handling that you can do at home to relieve right hip pain at home:

1. Ice compress

When you feel the right hip pain, it’s good to stop the activity being done. You can also make compresses with ice to lighten the sore waist and tense.

Stick up to 20 minutes of cold compress at the sore waist to relieve swelling. After that, you can soak the body or shower with warm water which is used to remove the strain of the tendon in the waist.

2. Drinking medicine

You can take painkillers that are safe, common, and can be found in pharmacies such as ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, aspirin, and acetaminophen, or drugs of the kind that can relieve pain. Also, make sure to follow the drinking rules listed on the drug package.

Do not forget to go to the doctor because the back pain cannot be overcome by taking only pain medication.

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