Curcumin For Depression

Curcumin For Depression-Not all antidepressant MEDICATIONS work best on patients and have harmful side effects. Hence, how to cope with the conditions of the depression?
GAUyrUtefr Curcumin For Depression
What if the natural supplements are as effective as medications like antidepressants and without side effects? That was discovered by Dr. Ajay Goel and his colleagues at Baylor University in a study of a new breakthrough curcumin, namely the main compounds in herbs such as turmeric.

Dr. Goel, Director of Epigenetics and Cancer Prevention at Baylor University Medical Center says, his research is the first clinical trial demonstrated that curcumin is almost as strong as Prozac (antidepressant medication) in relieving symptoms of depression.

“We do need to do further research. But the early evidence is very good considering the curcumin is safe, non-toxic, and have a more favorable effects in addition to its ability to control depression, “says Dr. Goel, quoted Newsmaxhealth.

Meanwhile, Dr. Goel stated that treatment is the right way to overcome depression because the effect is faster than curcumin. However, he warned that antidepressants may pose long-term risks.

“No problem taking antidepressants if for a short time. However, depression is a chronic illness, so chances are you’ll use it for long periods of time. When doing so, then you risk the side effects, “he explained.

“Meanwhile, curcumin is very safe and there is no toxicity, even when you are consuming up to 12 grams of curcumin a day for six months, that there is no toxicity. So this is very encouraging, “he said.

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