Many people are not aware that he was exposed to the disease of diabetes mellitus or diabetes, so come treat diabetes turned out to already severe even accompanied by complications.

This happens because they can’t identify properly what are the symptoms of diabetes mellitus at the beginning of the disease. This is not to happen again. Therefore, we must be alert and observe every happening in our body, in this case about the early symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Because handling, in the beginning, will give best results if compared to when it is severe or even already appear complications such as kidney failure, blindness, high blood, and others.

In some cases recognize the early symptoms of diabetes are indeed difficult for being so his light the symptoms that appear not to be realized. In fact, based on research about a third of all people who have diabetes mellitus type 2 do not know they have it. This undermines the comprehensive treatment is necessary.

Hence, what are the early symptoms of diabetes can we observe? Now we have to recognize it, following the early signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus the most important:

Polidipsi (drinking lots of) a condition in which a person often feels thirsty so compelled to drink much. Even when the weather is not hot and the body does not sweat.

Poliuri (lots of Pee) a condition in which a person is a frequent urination with volume that much anyway. We might think that the only reasonable when drinking lots of Yes lots of pissing. But the symptoms of diabetes is typical IE desire urination often show up at night while sleeping overnight even can 5-6 times woke up to pee. Why is this so? Because blood sugar levels high pull body fluids for issued along with urine.
diabetes-symptoms-945x532 Diabete Symptoms
Polifagi (lots of eating) the symptoms of diabetes that this one will be easy to make someone feel hungry so it will trigger it to eat a lot. However, despite the many strange eating but less so the appropriate power weak and limp. How does this happen? In diabetes, the insulin is in trouble, sugar remains high in blood flow inasmuch cannot enter the cells of the body which actually will serve as a source of energy. Thus, the brain will think that starving body cells so mounting hunger and have always wanted to eat.

Other additional symptoms can be:

  • Weight loss unexplained, although many eat as constantly
  • feel hungry.
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue (feeling weak, tired)
  • Blurred vision
  • A headache
  • Tingling in the ends of the toes or hands