Diabetic Foot Symptoms

Diabetic Foot Symptoms-DIABETES currently has become one of the diseases is not contagious (PTM) that became the focus of the world. In the world, the number of people with diabetes is estimated at 422 million adults in 2014.
diabetic_nerve_pain_center-1 Diabetic Foot Symptoms
Early symptoms of the disease of diabetes are usually not realized by the sufferer, usually, sufferers assume rem symptoms that arise so ignore her. Yuk, we know were-symptoms:

Always wanted a sweet drink, especially drinks that use artificial sugar/artificial sweeteners such as soft drink, bottled teas, supplements, and almost all beverages that contain preservatives and saccharin, aspartame/consume including candy and syrup.

So glad food such as noodles, mealy, pastries, when there is no head dizzy, tired. Like addiction.
-Skin began to pale, especially on the face.
-Easy Face sweating
-Easy flaky Skin
-2.4 and the Shank Bone treated, not cured anything
-Night of the soles of the feet and hands of love pain
-The sole forefoot pain when on the ground
-Disposable slippers could be off on its own
-Holding something easy to lose, not power
-Stomach often bloating
-Heavy head/dizziness without cause
-Start so forgetful
-Eye-start low vision
-Weight plummeted
-Easy to limp. Lethargic though regular exercise
-Start to arise red spots on the skin.
-Then began to eat often, frequently drinking, frequent urination.
-Piss started foaming
When you have some similarities such as above, start to check blood especially Diabetes, cholesterol, and triglycerides as well as uric acid.

When it was still normal, be grateful, it turns out that the pattern of life for this well enough if it turns out that already exceed, dare to start changing the pattern of healthy living.

His goal was to be able to live more healthy in the future.

For patients with diabetes or diabetes of life like the fruit’s choice, life is hard, versatile all-around confused awry, the abundant treasures so as worthless, there are many pleasures of the world could not be enjoyed, when desperate as a result of severe Add.

Diabetes/blood sugar, when it is silenced, the sugar will be up and down depending on the food eaten, soon if left untreated will damage the tissue outside, pale skin, white face, red spots arise gradually, sometimes growing like mushrooms. If kept outside the network, mainly silenced hands and legs blackened, then started to harden, hardened outer skin, because his skin hardened when driven arising fractions/wound.

More and more black areas the more injuries, it’s been treated could not dry, could not recover and start to rot, propagate upwards, festering,
then when to the doctor should be operated on. When it is cut, cut, many networks that are disconnected,

In contrast to those who are amputees, nerves or blood flow cut off will be looking the other way that is still healthy, but for people with diabetes because their blood thickens, tissues and nerves have been many weak, many are clogged, so when you cut the suffering post-operative illness, more and more come alternates.

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