Diabetic Nail Care should be careful to avoid injury. We need to know diabetes mellitus increases the risk of hardening of large arteries or arteries that can cause a heart attack or stroke and weakening blood circulation to the foot. This risk is increased in smokers and patients, who are overweight.
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Any change or the slightest injury should be watched even if it does not feel pain. This is because the lack of blood circulation makes the patient numb. But the slightest injury allows germs to infect and spread more quickly because of poor blood supply. Therefore, foot care is required regularly and Diabetic Nail Care is important. Foot care in people with diabetes mellitus as follows. As the age increases, blood supply to the feet also gets worse. These changes result in reduced blood supply.

If circulation is inhibited blood vessels. Wash feet with warm water (lukewarm), do not once the feet of diabetics who times use hot water because the patient can not feel when his feet have blisters. Check the water temperature by hand first. Wash feet using a mild soap.

Dry the legs that have been washed to really leering carefully especially in between the fingers. Avoid rubbing the skin hard because it can cause the skin to peel and get hurt. Nail cutting is done after bathing. Cut out the toes following the shape of the finger and do not cut too short. Avoid using nail cutters too sharp for cleaning edges and nail basins. Avoid cutting the nails too short, and need to be careful type cut the nail basin.

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Wearing shoes of the appropriate size, preferably the top of the strap and soft. Use dry, clean socks. Everyday socks should be replaced clean. Avoid the use of socks that are too small and narrow. Well here is how the foot care on DM patients so that no ulcers and wounds that long healed.

To keep the blood flow to your legs well, lift your feet while sitting, then move your toes and ankles up and down for 5 minutes 2 to 3 times a day. Do not fold your legs for long!
In addition to treating your own feet at home, diabetic patients also need to check his feet to the doctor while checking his blood sugar levels. Your doctor will check your foot pulse, sensibility, and any abnormalities that may occur in your legs.

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