Diabetic Oatmeal Cookie Recipes

Diabetic Oatmeal Cookie Recipes-Would you agree if I say that healthy snacks are usually bad on the tongue? Hmm, some of you I’m sure to agree with the above statement, maybe because you imagine a snack that minus sugar, salt, egg or butter so it feels plain alias there is no taste. But I believe also if any of you who disagree because may have had experience with a healthy snack but tasted delicious. Well, the oatmeal cookies that I show this time is a healthy food but it tastes very delicious. Do not believe?
oatmeal-cookies-4 Diabetic Oatmeal Cookie Recipes
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The idea of making this food began when my mother showed her health check-up last week. Because last month he took a walk for 2 weeks touring the city in us then the food intake became unaware. Consumption of foods high in sugar, salt, fat, oil and high carbohydrates make blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure suddenly rose drastically and made us excited. Though my mother had been healthy, or maybe we think like that because he was reluctant to check up health regularly. Check up complete this time even in order to leave this year’s pilgrimage, and to take the worship well then the condition of the body must be really excellent.

The doctor then issued an ultimatum for him for 5 days in a row did not consume any food except milk specifically for diabetics. In the end, the Maag was attacked. Back to the doctor again, this time doctors advise in addition to milk also combined with wheat bread, oatmeal porridge or boiled potatoes in limited portions.

I am reminded of the Diabetic Oatmeal Cookie Recipes, I have ever read on a website. Dwell on the kitchen and trala, be delicious oatmeal cookies, rich in fiber and certainly healthy because of low sugar, no salt and use polyunsaturated oil.

For those of you who are also keeping your food intake either because of the purpose of weight loss or maintaining health like my Mom, this one cookie worthy of you try. In addition to my Mom, this cookie is now a provision of my snack in the office or when I want to snack at home.
oatmeal-cookies-4 Diabetic Oatmeal Cookie Recipes
There is a unique experiment that I do when making these cookies since my whole wheat flour runs out then I grind the rolled oats using a blender so that it becomes a flour with a slightly similar appearance to whole wheat flour. Oat whole or rolled oats are different from instant oats (quick cooking oats) yes, rolled oats are bigger, thicker and harder and look like the surface of coffee beans. Therefore the whole oat must be cooked on the stove to turn it into a soft slurry, not just by brewing hot water just like a fast cooked oat like the Quacker Oat brand. This whole oat is better than the instant version because it is richer in dietary fiber. You can buy them in big supermarkets that sell imported materials at a higher price than quick cooking oats or instant oats.

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Well, in addition to using whole oats (rolled oats), I also added wheat bran, raisins, and roasted almonds. For the oil, of course, must use healthy oil, such as olive, canola, soybean oil or oil from sunflower seeds, this prescription I use olive oil. Since the raisins are sweet enough then I just put 1 tablespoon of honey into the dough. Separate the egg whites from yellow yes, because we will only use the white only, this egg white serves to glue the dough cookies to merge. Besides all that clear cake is very easy to make!

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