One thing you can do to treat diabetic nerve pain is to maintain the health of your feet. Wash your feet with warm water and dry them completely. You can also wear socks for diabetes improves blood circulation to your legs and feet.

What diabetic socks CVS?
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Diabetic Socks are the socks are designed for people with diabetes. These shocks are specially designed to reduce pressure on the feet and lower legs, 2 minimize the accumulation of moisture, and 3 to prevent blisters on the skin’s surface. In the end, your job is to prevent irritation, protect your feet and provides maximum comfort. Diabetic socks resume that diabetic socks are designed and distributed by CVS pharmacy.

Diabetic socks ideal CVS will have the following features:

Non-elastic cuffs
There is no prominent stitching
Keep warm (especially for winter)
Allow the feet to breathe and sweat (especially for summer use)
Who should use the diabetic socks?

If you think that all people with diabetes wearing diabetic socks, wrong. Diabetic socks candidates are people with feet that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, prone to redness, swelling, irritation, and are often walking sports injuries such as friction transmission. If no symptoms are present, you can wear these types of shocks.

For pregnant women who suffer from diabetes pregnancy, they also need a diabetic sock. This shocks best for swollen feet. If you are traveling, you can also think about getting a pair of diabetic socks CVs. After long hours of sitting, usually, your feet are prone to swelling. You also need to keep your feet warm without elastic binding tape against your skin. Therefore, these socks can be the perfect companion in the diabetes journey.

Diabetic socks can be found in many different materials, length, and size. Usually, they have a different design for men and women. Now diabetic socks are introduced not only in base color but also in different patterns and color design. If you have an active lifestyle, you can wear a t-shirt sporting a diabetes-foot at the ankle and crew heights. For the needs of fashion casual clothing, you can choose the style of diabetic socks. And for those who do not like to show off their socks, low-cut and be merry Jane sock styles also available in certain brands.
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