Does Caillou Have Cancer? There’s a funny thing about Caillou (the bald-headed little boy that’s the main part of this Caillou animation ) children love him and parents…well let’s face it, parents typically hate him. But something both parents and kids can agree on is questioning: why the heck is Caillou hairless?

Longtime blog reader Jazzlenne asked a narrative on the topic of Caillou and since we’re doing a lot of urban legends this week I figured we’d research the largest urban legend surrounding the show, which centers around the mystery of why Caillou is bald.

His sister and parents all clearly have a great deal of fluffy hair, however, he doesn’t seem to have one hair on his head. It has to lead to widespread urban legends that there is a hidden story to the series also that Caillou is bald since he has cancer. There are many parents that won’t allow their kids to watch Caillou because they don’t want them watching a show about a child with cancer.
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However, what’s the hidden narrative, and is there really any truth to it?


Picture of fireman Caillou to show how the urban legend claims he copes with cancer via imagination. The motive his parents let him get his own way all the time (even if he’s being sporadically or bratty) is because they know he’s ill and they simply can not bear to tell him”no”.

Even though he’s young, Caillou is aware of his illness and tries to manage the situation by using one of the most powerful instruments a child has: his imagination. You see, he’s not certain if he’ll be in a position to actually develop so he uses his imagination to go on experiences and experience all the various things he could be.

Some rather dark versions of the Caillou urban legend state he has already died, and that’s why the grandmother is the only telling tales about his own life. She tells the tales to maintain the memory of her grandson alive.

No matter which version of the Caillou urban legend you hear through it always centers on him with cancer.

Picture of bald Caillou sitting alongside his cat, to illustrate the Caillou accurate story and urban legend. So is there any truth to this concept of Caillou having cancer? The people involved with the series and the book are very insistent that no, Caillou does not have cancer. In fact, reading through their writings about it they look utterly defensive concerning the subject, often making it the very first thing they say about the show.

They say the rationale Caillou is bald is because at the books he had been at the age when children do not have hair yet, and when they left the cartoon they wanted him to appear exactly the same as in the books –down to the exact hairless head. However, they had no clue what a massive controversy that choice would start up amongst both kids and parents.

Sometimes the narrative is changed and people from the series will say that Caillou is bald to”represent all children”. That explanation sounds pretty forced and more like the series is attempting to place a positive twist on the Caillou baldness controversy that has caused many parents to ban their kids from seeing Caillou.

As for me, I say if children can’t stop imagining Caillou is hairless because he has cancer and still want to see the series then fine. It’s kind of just like I expect no parents out there would keep their kids from playing with another child simply because another child had cancer.

Who knows, a few children with cancer may even look up to Caillou and discover comfort in the series, never realizing the notion of Caillou having cancer is such a contentious matter…