Donate Diabetic Supplies-In the DSR is the place of donation of diabetes equipment that will be for those who need supplies of medical equipment for diabetics. This assistance is aimed at those diabetics who do not have health insurance and who have no cost to buy the tools we know how this disease has spread and haunted the world’s population.
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Maybe for those who have the funds may not be a problem with doing a doctor checkup or buying things for the purpose of maintaining and stabilizing their blood sugar.

So DSR has a commitment to help diabetics to distribute relief from you, then goods for diabetes is not used and could have been expired, because you may forget. DSR we are ready to accommodate these items and distribute it to people who are entitled to get it. This way you will automatically help a lot of people who suffer from diabetes to heal and can live their normal life.

DSR receives donations you distribute, with items as follows:

1.strip diabetes test, of course, that is not expired, strips that have not been open, free any brand.
3. syringe
4. needle pen
6. socks that are not in use but still worthy of use
7. health book for people with diabetes.

Those items that DSR can receive while the recipes from our doctors and insulin cannot accept.
DSR is NEW MEXICO NON-profit corporation.

DonateĀ diabetics supplies, you can do through the DSS, which is located in the city of florida, DSS is Florida non-profit corporation.
do you know by donating your vehicle which of course will be auctioned? Your car donation to AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION will save many lives and provide care for diabetics who do not have the cost and treatment. every year diabetics in the United States continue to increase and this is very dangerous for the survival of its inhabitants.

Following this program is expected to help many lives and provide a good life for those diabetics. Perhaps many are asking how the system, by giving the car can save many people.

why donate vehicles in need?

from the above explanation, you already know how the world’s population experienced a diabetic epidemic which of course can take their lives at any time, other than diabetes, stroke, heart disease and other diseases due to the effect of excess blood sugar in the body. with you donate your vehicle to ADA , you have joined the campaign to avoid diabetes.

the money collected from your vehicle auction sale will be used for research and education and is devoted to fighting diabetes by channeling aid to diabetics. Not only by donating your vehicle, you have helped many people and saved many lives and helped them to live better.

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