Electric Stimulation For Back Pain

Electric Stimulation For Back Pain-Spinal cord stimulation can help relieve chronic pain in the lower back, legs, arms, and other parts of the body, preliminary research suggests.

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Numerous studies support the use of spinal cord stimulation, which uses electric currents to treat chronic pain, for the treatment of severe nerve-related pain such as peripheral neuropathy, says Lee-Lee Nguyen, MD, of Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. there is strong evidence that spinal cord stimulation works.

“And contention exists about its use for other types of pain, such as back pain,” he told WebMD.

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So Nguyen and colleagues reviewed the records of 51 adults who received spinal neural implant implants at their institution who had completed a painful questionnaire before the procedure, two weeks later, and six months afterward.

This method Electric Stimulation For Back Pain?

Spinal stimulation of the spinal cord, small pulse generator implanted behind, sends electrical pulses to the spinal cord. This pulse disrupts the nerve impulses that make you feel sick. No one knows exactly how it works, Nguyen says.

“We think it’s like when you have mosquito bites on one side of your foot and hit the other side.Big does not seem like a bother because your body is busy processing another signal,” he said.

Participants in the study were median age of 49 years, and about half were women. They have suffered their illness for an average of nine years.

A total of 27 had lower back pain as their main complaint, 14 mainly had pain in the legs and arms, six suffered mainly chest wall or abdominal pain, three reported mainly crotch or pelvic pain, and one had neck pain. About two-thirds suffer from pain in two or more of these areas.
Spinal Cord Stimulation for chronic pain

Participants were asked to rate the intensity of their pain and how much pain they interfere with daily activities on a 10-point scale, with 10 the worst possible pain or disruption.

On a scale of pain intensity, the score dropped from an average of 8 points before the procedure to 6.5 points in two weeks and 7 points in six months.

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Webmd News Archive
Spinal Cord Stimulation for chronic pain continues …

Score on a scale of pain disorders come down from an average of 6.5 points before the procedure to 5 points in two weeks and six months.
stimulation of the spinal cord seems to help regardless of the type of device used, Nguyen said. Twenty-two of the devices made by Medtronic, Boston Scientific by 27, and two by the ANS/St. Jude.

They all work a little differently, and each company claims the best brands, he said.

“But they usually study sponsored by the company. Our study, which does not have the funds industry, shows there is no difference, “said Nguyen.

Spinal Cord Stimulation for chronic pain: risks, Benefits

However, there is a long way to go before anyone can claim the stimulation of the spinal cord is definitely working.
Because there is no comparison group of people gets the fake device, the researchers cannot say for certain how many of the participants of the pain might have been improved.

T. Keller Matthews, MD, of Texas A & M College of Medicine, tells WebMD she wasn’t sure of the decrease in pain score was enough to compensate for the risks and costs of the stimulation of the spinal cord.

“Do patients rate the repair they are sick enough to risk of the procedure, including discomfort, infection, and the need for constant monitoring?” he asked.

the initial implant costs range from $8,500 to $20,000.

The researchers said future studies of large numbers of patients who needed to demonstrate the long-term cost-effectiveness of therapy and stimulation of the spinal cord.

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