Eye Problems With Diabetes

You can get cataract and glaucoma if you have diabetes. Even people without diabetes can get these eye problems. But people with diabetes get these problems more often and at a younger age.
MWSnap441 Eye Problems With Diabetes

  • A cataract is a cloud over the lens of the eye-the lens is usually clear and puts the light on the retina. A cataract makes everything you see appear cloudy. You need surgery to remove the cataract. During the operation, your lens is removed and a plastic lens, such as a contact lens, is placed. The plastic lens stays in your eyes all the time. Cataract surgery helps you to see clearly again.
  • Glaucoma begins with the construction of the pressure in the eye. Over time, this pressure damages the main nerve of the eye-the optic nerve. The damage initially causes you to lose sight of the eyes. The treatment of glaucoma is usually simple. Your ophthalmologist will give you special drops each day to reduce the pressure in your eyes. Or your ophthalmologist may want to have laser surgery.

High blood glucose and hypertension (BP) of diabetes can affect four parts of the eye:

  • Retina: The retina is the lining on the back of the eye. The task of the retina is to feel the light coming into the eye.
  • Glass: The glass is a jellyartige liquid that fills the back of the head.
  • Objective: The lens is located at the front of the eye and focuses the light on the retina.
  • Optic nerve: The optic nerve is the main nerve of the eye to the brain.

If the blood glucose fluctuates significantly or is constantly high, then it is a danger to the health and the sight of the eye. If your sugar is stable and in the target range, your chance of a severe vision loss by diabetes is greatly reduced. However, diabetes causes damage to the back of the eye. The importance of these changes and how they affect your vision depends on what blood glucose control was until then.

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