Home Remedies For Diabetic Foot Pain

Home Remedies For Diabetic Foot Pain -The foot of a diabetic needs to get special attention even though it looks the same as the legs of other normal people. Why? There is nerve damage to the lower extremities in people with diabetes. So blood vessels and blood circulation are disrupted.
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if these feet feel the cold or any injury to the body will, of course, be a long-lasting injury due to this diabetes.then advised the diabetics wearing sandals when outside or inside the house that may be on the stamped floor was cold. Remedies For Diabetic Foot Pain that can be done.

Complaints that often arise for a diabetic usually feet cannot feel pain, hot or cold because of damage to the nervous system that.if this situation is left will not be on guard will turn into ulcer disease or gangrene.

Neuropathy is a term where the foot has no taste, because of the nerve damage as described above earlier. sometimes in extreme cases can cause serious infections, gangrene, and even amputation may occur if the foot has severe nerve damage. occurs when a wound in the leg that cannot heal for years will release pus.

Therefore, mild exercise is needed such as walking
feet, cycling, swimming for people with diabetes. But it is necessary to get guidance from people who have a program for the exercise to get the desired results. With exercise will lower blood glucose and eat foods that are appropriate for diabetics who are low in sugar and low in fat.

Your doctor must advise you to avoid heavy physical activity such as running feared wound will occur when doing a run
besides that too intensive exercise can harm small blood vessels in the eyes that have been automatically attenuated by diabetes. Which can lead to vision damage even lead to blindness. If you are 40 years old you need a general examination as well, to know the diseases that accompany diabetes the.

It is very important to do the treatment of diabetic foot. exercise for 30 minutes every day with moderate exercise.

How to do good foot care for diabetics:

Check every night your legs are injured or abrasions, if you can not see clearly ask someone for help to see it.

Wash, rinse and dry with a clean foot free of dirt into a healthy foot and avoid the susceptibility of infection, do not forget on the sidelines of the toes should be cleaned.

Keep small things when you are doing physical activity, be careful. do not till your feet are injured and infected because it is very dangerous for you even the slightest injury.

Wear shoes that fit, never wear shoes that are too small and you forced to wear them, which is, of course vulnerable to cause injuries to your feet. go to the doctor if there is a wound on your feet and looks reddish alert it could happen infection. then alert and be careful.
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