Homeopathic Treatment For Depression-It is also better than conventional treatment because homeopathic and the efficacy of conventional medications can give good results, as compared as shown that Honyopaithi is.
homeopathic-remedies-depression Homeopathic Treatment For Depression
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Depression placebo controls Randomized study recently Menilah effective homeopathic treatment Efficacy and individual fluoxetine (Prozac ait) to moderate-severe depression in menopause women. The second treatment proves to be safer and has a significantly different effect than a placebo.

homeopathic is caused by a greater clinical improvement of the symptoms of depression than fluoxetine, and also improves the symptoms of menopause patients, while fluoxetine does.
Hair ear Infection

A practical randomly controlled study in India found individual homeopathic for treatment, including an ear infection and 81 children (severe otitis) is effective as treating a traditional treatment, namely the pain-relieving effect of Fever, drugs, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics, according to the requirements. Upper respiratory infections (EFE) a multi-center international study found that homeopathic treatment of primary care does not inferior traditional remedies for the acute upper respiratory tract and ear ailments. In this study, a total of 57 primary care practices were evaluated in 8 countries (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States), traditional medicine or Honyopaithi.


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Dizzy Four Clinical trials (RCT 2 and 2 observational studies) compare the second Vertigo therapeutic Honyopaithik ‘ Vertigoheel ‘.

The meta-analysis of the four studies was measured by the number of episodes of Vertigo, Vertigoheel Ching or Dimenhydrinate, the duration and Intensitas showed.

Patients observing different conditions
In practice, 493 patients surveyed in Germany found that Honyopaithik clinical results treated by family physicians under chronic conditions are better than conventional treatments and costs are similar.