How To Help Lower Back Pain-80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life. For some, this is a long-term chronic pain that will never go away, because there is also short-term discomfort. Fortunately, most backaches are temporary and more common in the lower back, usually caused by activities that put a strain on the back, such as:

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• Lifting heavy objects awkwardly or incorrectly
• Bad posture when standing or sitting
• Turn and touch your lower back
• Stand or sit for long periods without resting
• Throw or push objects awkwardly

Sometimes, back pain is caused by an injury or illness, which includes:
• Sliding disc
• Join the inflammation
• Whiplash
• Arthritis

Kenapa-Rasa-Sakit-Punggung-Saat-Menstruasi How To Help Lower Back Pain

Your back has many connected parts that include bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves, and temporary back pain is often caused by a tense ligament, muscle or tendon. However, it is not always easy to determine what is causing the pain and where it is.

If you experience back pain, the two things you can do that will have the most impact are: getting more exercise and improving your posture.

move on
Our lives are now increasingly sedentary. We sat at the dining table and sat in the car or on the train to work, sat at our table, sat down on the way home and sat in front of the television. Exercising helps your body use different muscles and keeps the body active. Most people who come to us with back pain are not moving enough. Walk fast during lunch or try to do some exercises at night. Pilates and yoga can also help strengthen the muscles of your back.

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See how he sits and stands
How do you feel at your desk or in the car? Are you crouching? How are you standing? Do you have your head dropped on the phone? Look at your position and try to sit up and stand up straight. Here are some exercises you can do on your desk.

Treatment for back pain
Studies have shown that early intervention is better when treating back pain. Then, if you feel pain, get help as soon as possible.

Osteopathy for back pain
If you have back pain due to containment, or suffer minor injuries, arthritis / arthritis, whiplash or arthritis, we treat people suffering from back pain all the time. In fact, this is our most common treatment.

As an osteopath, we see the whole person, not just the injured area, to see what caused the injury and how to mimic the pain. Often, back pain is not only caused by the back; Shoulders, neck and hips can also affect your back. We are trained in orthopedics and biomechanics and we work on the basis that the whole body must work together to achieve good health. Then, when you come to us, we will see how your body works as a whole, and the impact is on your back.

In your practice, we will place your hands and feel the parts of your body that are experiencing pain. This allows us to really determine what your body is doing and how it is hurt, and therefore can give you the most effective treatment. Most general practitioners and other health specialists do not discuss this level of detail, which makes osteopathy a unique way to treat back pain.

Your treatment may include mobilization to loosen joints, soft tissue massages, and acupuncture. Because each treatment is specific to the individual and the circumstances, it may involve the management of other areas, such as the neck and hips.