How To Tell If Your Depressed

How To Tell If Your Depressed-Understand about mental health is often referred to not as easy to understand physical health problems, because the invisible, like scars or high blood pressure, could be a marker of the disease on physical health checks. Depression, for example, it is sometimes not realized his appearance, even by people who suffered, because people don’t recognize the signs of depression that had befallen him.
stressed-business-woman How To Tell If Your Depressed
Depression can be defined as a condition characterized by the presence of psychological disorders feelings of sadness or emptiness. People who are depressed usually feel that they seem to fit into the holes in, dark, and it’s hard to get out of there.

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Based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-V (DSM-V), the diagnosis of depression can be given (only through examination by a professional, such as a psychologist/psychiatrist!) in case of the appearance over at least 5 sets of symptoms here for two weeks in a row:

-Feel depressed (sad, empty)
-Loss of interest in activities
-Appetite/weight loss is interrupted
-Sleep problems
-Psychomotor Disorders
-Feeling tired or not energized
-Feeling worthless/guilty
-It is difficult to think/concentration/decision-think about death or attempted suicide.

The appearance of these symptoms usually interfere with daily function and decrease the productivity of the people who experience it. The severity level of depression can be determined by a number of symptoms that arise and intensities

Research on depression shows that everyone can experience depression in at least one time in his life. Basically, depression can occur as a manifestation of feelings of profound distress experienced by someone, because of everyday problems, feelings of loneliness, and other reasons that are very human.

Can be controlled
The good news, if it can be recognized and properly treated, depression can be controlled so as not to turn off the function of everyday people who experienced it. It’s not hard, just imagine someone who is experiencing the flu. He was aware that he had the flu because he was a runny nose and sore throat. He was also trying to deal with its own flu, for example, by drinking more water than usual, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to increase intake of vitamins, and set off to sleep more quickly at night.

The same approach can actually be applied to mental health problems such as depression. Her first step needs to be started from the learning to recognize the symptoms of depression itself so that it knows when to do need to act step-by-step handling required! Although in general the depression indicated by a group of specific symptoms, symptoms of depression that can appear differently on prominent individuals. There are for example more overwhelmed by the symptoms of feelings and thoughts, such as prolonged and sad thinking negatively about yourself constantly, or physical symptoms and behaviors, such as sleeplessness and couldn’t move because of feeling tired all the time.

Observe the typical characteristics of the early depression in yourself is important. Whenever these early symptoms appear, then someone will be able to immediately take steps to deal with it. The sooner the better certainly handled, isn’t it?

Well, now, how do I handle it? Before starting on this section, keep in mind that handling depression, especially chronic in nature, most certainly it is advisable to consult with a professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist. However, there are also simple ways that can be done by people who experience depression itself to manage the symptoms of depressing

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