Injectable Diabetes Medication

Injectable Diabetes Medication-Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership (SMPCP) is dedicated to helping agencies develop and implement Best-Practice services and integrated chronic disease care for their local clients with type 2 diabetes. To achieve this goal, a diabetic pilot project was carried out on 2016-2017.
MWSnap430-1 Injectable Diabetes Medication
Project aims:

  • Improving the results of people with type 2 diabetes in the SMPCP Basin through sustainable, evidence-based clinical pathways that enable customers to obtain the most appropriate care at the most appropriate place.
  • Go with GPS so you work with qualified Diabetes nursing Educators (Cdnes) based on health institutions in the community to initiate insulin for customers with type 2 diabetes who need this treatment.
    The cdnes are approaching diabetes care with a person-centric perspective and have easy access to key allied health professionals in the community health care, which provide ongoing customer service at every stage of and disease management.

Before the initiation of insulin, the needs of the clients are cdnesed to ensure that they are ready and able to start insulin in a safe and informiven setting.
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Why community Health?

  • The health of the Community provides a centre of excellence for Integrated chronic disease management, driven by consumers.
  • Timely access to a range of services on the same date provides consumers more comfort and improves coordination of care at affordable cost.
  • The community health model of care fits well with the current changes being tested by the government by the new health homes process.

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