Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Women-According to statistics, back pain is familiar to 90% of the human race. Women are especially prone to because of their physiology, the weakness of the muscular system, the load povyshayuschey on the spine, and many other factors.

In some cases, there was the pain, pain on others-stitches can be localized at one point or distributed over the entire area of the waist.
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The reasons can be many. Some of the factors that led to the rise of the pain in the waist area, requiring treatment, while others do, and others can be eliminated simply by changing your lifestyle.

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This factor Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Women:


Quite often, low back pain is one of the first signs of pregnancy. This is mainly due to a significant change in hormone levels, which led to the weakening of the muscles and ligaments of the lumbar region.

With the growth of the fetal pain aggravated by rapid weight gain and transfer the load on the spine. The body and, in particular, are not ready to change back the muscles begin to experience increased load, part of which went to the lumbar spine. As a result, there is the pain.

To reduce the burden of getting pregnant are encouraged to wear special bandages. It not only relieves pain but also prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Also, pregnant women are advised to monitor and prevent the sharp rise posture in bodyweight.


Most women experience pain before and during the crucial days.

Pain is the result of hormonal changes, increased levels of certain hormones which directly affect the tone of the wall of the uterus. At the same time, they improve muscle tone and cause lumbar pain.

This is especially enhanced by the presence of gynecological diseases is aggravated when the menstruation.

Pain relief, you can use the antispasmodic.

Another reason: increased body mass during the day-to-day matters. This is mainly due to fluid retention in the tissues and the occurrence of edema.

Remove the pain of making use of a diuretic. It is better to restrict herbs. If the swelling is severe, you can use ready-made medicines. However, there need to be tormented them: drugs of this group have many contraindications and have a number of side effects.

Women very rarely accompanied by a sharp pain. Most Ectopic pregnancies showed acute pain or temper.

Most often the pain is localized and pull in the lower back and lower abdomen. The reason

Perhaps the presence of fibroids intramuscular (interstitial) uterus. The shape of the fibroids is most common (approximately 95% omen between the ages of 35 to 50 years. For it is often characterized by symptoms. Not observed bleeding asiklik and menstrual irregularities. The only sign of a pathologic process is a pain in the lower back and abdomen.

Sometimes there may be heavy or painful menstruation disorders of urination.

Diagnosis is performed using ultrasound, Hysteroscopy, CT.

Treatment could be conservative or surgical.

Conservative treatment is indicated for a small size of fibroids (6-8 Sunday). Patients prescribed hormonal. Course duration ranges 6-24 month.

Another method is to introduce into the uterine cavity contraceptive hormonal spirals. It highlights the female sex hormones progesterone, which reduces the duration of menstruation and impedes growth nodes. Surgical methods

is to eliminate the tumor using laparoscopic instruments through an incision in the abdomen.

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Nephroptosis — a disease that is characterized by greater than normal kidney, mobility, which often gives rise to negligence.

the median location of the kidneys-kidney bed. When kidney displacement occurs nefprotoze of lumbar in the pelvis or abdomen. This disrupted the operations of the ship, often observe inflection ureter. All this leads to a decrease in the blood supply to the kidney, urinary retention, the occurrence of inflammation and irreversible changes. Women are much more frequently occurring nephroptosis than men.

The cause of the disease is able to conceive, give birth, trauma or lumbar region of the stomach, accompanied by damage to the ligaments that hold the kidneys in a box, or the formation of a hematoma, mixing with the ordinary organs. Pathology can develop as a result of drastic weight loss.

With early diagnosis possibilities of the conservative treatment. Patients are encouraged to perform a complex physical therapy, which aims to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, high-calorie diet to increase the amount of fat (if the cause of the disease has been a dramatic loss of weight) and wear a special brace.

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At the end of the stadium, as well as the presence of complications needed surgical methods of treatment. The operation consists of the kidney back into place and its strengthening. During his rehabilitation, patients are prescribed a break to secure the body on the bed.


One of the most common causes of lower back pain is a pain.

The emergence of this disease is due to degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs which occur, and salt deposition in the spine. Disease

to varying degrees is found in the majority of the adult population. Originally, it was a cause of walking straight gain.

Weight, unhealthy eating habits, bad posture, flat feet increases the load on the spine and contribute to it more difficult diseases.

The main symptoms of a sick-dissecans ranting in the background. With the development of pathological processes in the lumbar, he often gives up: the back of the thighs, buttocks, lower leg or foot. movement suddenly and increased physical activity causes an increase in pain.

The treatment is intended primarily for pain relief. The recommended intake of painkillers cocktail Amplipuls, solljuks. At home, you can apply the compress and rub.

The second phase of assistance differentiated therapy symptoms. Depending on the intensity of pain in patients given a vasodilator (baralgin, Nicotinic Acid) do painkillers blockade. To eliminate edema using diuretic: Lasix, Furosemid, etc.

the third stage-pathogenetic treatment-is a long-acting hormone application. Patients are prescribed a course of massage therapy, various types of physiotherapy and the effect reflex.

As pyelonephritis

Severe pain, which intensified when knocking back may be a sign of pyelonephritis. This infectious disease affecting the kidney parenkim kidney pelvis and system. The pathogen is a disease with a penetration through the ureter or blood pathogens. (See. Full article “as pyelonephritis»)

Along with low back pain urinating observed, a trail of blood and pus in the urine, fever, sweating, facial swelling.

Inpatient disease. Patients who are prescribed rest, special diets, consumption of large amounts of fluid, antibiotics.

The choice of therapy depends on the results of the sensitivity analysis of the micro-organisms that are found in the urine against antibiotics.

To prevent the disease becoming a chronic form transition therapy lasts approximately 1.5 months. Antibiotics must be taken to end: could not stop even with the improvement of the condition of the patient.

pyelonephritis often develops in the background of other diseases of the genitourinary or renal system. In this case, you should also treat underlying diseases.

Lumbar can also occur in renal colic, appendix, resulting in deformation of the spine (kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis), sprains, injuries, displacement of the vertebrae, their fractures, nerve root compression.

Pain appears even in normal fatigue or colds, weight lifting, motion does not work.

To explain the first cause should be diagnosed.The self-treatment in the form of applying hot pack, massage and rub without defining a particular disease can worsen or complicate the course of the disease and result in unpredictable consequences.