Lung Cancer And Back Pain

Lung Cancer And Back Pain-Early detection of lung cancer is difficult, because often not accompanied by symptoms. Even when the symptoms appear, it is often mistaken for other diseases including diseases that seem to have nothing to do with the lungs of back pain.
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“Symptoms of lung cancer can be a back pain if the cancer location at the edge of the lung tissue,” said Prof. Dr. Wiwien H. Wiyono, SpP (K), FCCP.

Described by Prof Wiwien, lung cancer is characterized by back pain is usually difficult to detect. In addition to being mistaken for just regular back pain, the results of x-ray examination sometimes also not able to detect the presence of cancer tissue.

Lung Cancer And Back Pain usually located at the edge, or even hidden behind the heart. In ordinary x-ray images, the shadows formed will be masked by the shadow of the heart and other organs that cover so that the cancer is difficult to detect.

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“Sometimes it’s just scraped because it’s thought to be a cold, but if the back pain does not go away even though it is treated and the sufferer is suspected of having a high risk of getting cancer, then it should be examined further because of the possibility of cancer pain,” explained Prof Wiwien.

The absence of symptoms in the early stages of lung cancer is more due to almost no nerve pain in the lung pain. So when there is a tumor, both benign and malignant then it is not always accompanied by pain in that part unless the size has begun to enlarge.

The symptoms that accompany lung cancer generally appear when the size has begun to grow, for example above 3 cm. If the location of cancer in the central or central airway, the symptoms are a cough while if at the edge of the symptoms of chest or back pain.

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When it appears symptoms, lung cancer actually has started to worse. Lung cancer can be cured if it can still be removed, while if it is too severe it will be directed to palliative therapy considering the likelihood of cure of lung cancer is lower than other types of cancer.

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