Lung Cancer Treatment Options

Your doctors will plan your lung cancer treatment according to what you want.

  • What Kind of this disease you have
  • It is stage
  • When cancer has spread on your body
  • The side effects the treatment may cause
  • Your age and general health
  • Your preferences and goals

Consult your physician to explain the recommended treatment program, including its benefits, side effects, and how it might make you feel during and following it.lung cancer diagnosis.
lung-cancer-treatment Lung Cancer Treatment Options
This can be an option when cancer hasn’t spread too far within your body. It’s normally the best way to treat non-small-cell lung cancer.
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Or you may have to have your entire lung removed. You might also need radiation or chemotherapy after an operation.

Following the operation, you might need to stay in the hospital for about a week to heal before you go home to recuperate. However, minimally invasive procedures have been used more and more frequently. If you opt for one of these, you might find a tiny incision in your chest. Your surgeon will use a thoracoscope, a flexible tube that is utilized to examine the chest and eliminate tissue.cell lung cancer.

In case you have small-cell lung cancer, it may not be possible to get rid of it in an operation.

Radiofrequency Ablation
In case you’ve got non-small cell lung cancer and can’t have surgery, this therapy might be an option.

Your physician guides a thin needle through your skin until it touches the tumor within your lung. cancer diagnosis and treatment.Then an electric current passes through it to heat and destroy the cancer cells.

Doctors use a machine to tip high-speed X-rays in a tumor to destroy it. It works for both non-small-cell and small-cell lung cancers.

You receive radiation treatments a couple of days at a time over a few weeks. Some folks get it in combination with chemotherapy.

Additionally, it may help alleviate some of the symptoms of lung cancer, such as bleeding or pain.

These medications kill cancer cells within the body. It is a choice for the two types of lung cancer.

You might get chemo prior to or following an operation, together with radiation treatment. Or it might be your primary treatment if surgery won’t work for you.

radiation therapy chemotherapy.Your physician may prescribe 1 kind of chemo drug or a mix of different ones. You will get them through an IV at a treatment center or hospital. You may need a couple rounds of treatment over several weeks.

Other Remedies
Scientists are studying new combinations of chemotherapy, new forms of radiation, and drugs which make cancer cells more sensitive to radiation.

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