Back in January, Mesothelioma Help reported to the usage of a Biocept, Inc. blood test as a potential early detection instrument for mesothelioma.mesothelioma lawyer. Now, the business reports it’s testing the exact same instrument to find out whether it might help predict disease recurrence in lung cancer patients.
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, the organization is cooperating with UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center with two clinical trials –mesothelioma lawsuit. you to predict cancer recurrence and yet another to predict treatment response. To determine the accuracy of these evaluations, the results will be contrasted with findings in CT or PET scans.

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Though there have been improvements in the efficacy of both chemotherapy and radiation, both organizations note the danger of”post-resection [after surgery] disease recurrence” in phase II or stage III cancers remains”unacceptably high” The groups working on the clinical trials are taking a look at lung, colon, and breast cancer patients with Stage II or III lung cancer. They expect to discover a means to predict disease recurrence in high-risk patients by means of a blood test, using biomarkers as a manual.