1974 when I started my firm it was me and a secretary something had to be done
with the big companies that were selling asbestos and producing asbestos products.
not only in this country but all over, the world and Stephen was one of those
pioneers who went after it we’ve gotten.
MWSnap512-630x380 Mesothelioma Law Firm-History of Kazan Law
A little bigger since then we’re now 23 or 24 lawyers we’ve got 80 staff members
our focus is almost entirely on representing mesothelioma victims and
their families Stephen kaizen is the trailblazer of so many different aspects of asbestos litigation some of the
landmark cases that that happened well. before I started working here I fell in
love with the clients they were interesting cases and we started doing
more and more of them we started getting

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Some good results he started working with doctors who were treating these
folks who would ask us if we could help their patients and so our practice just
kind of grew.