Recipes For Diabetics Type 2-Cooking recipes for diabetics is very important. A recipe is a guide how to prepare healthy meals for diabetics. With the creation of special food recipes, you can avoid the possibility of diabetes rise high due to the food you consume.
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Moreover, cooking recipes for diabetics or other disease sufferers are made by those who are experts. For example from nutritionists, doctors, paramedics or experts drug. Your diabetes will be controlled by that inevitable possibility of diabetes soaring high.

I have a neighbor a sailor who suffer high blood disease. Each will be traveling, he must take care of permissions to transport explosives. One of the requirements to be on the ocean is not a special disease got such high blood.

Usually, he must always repeat tests because blood tension is still high. Before you undergo a retest, he first sees a doctor and takes medication.

This time, he had another way. During the five days before advancing health tests, he consumes special menu for blood high or hypertension. He subscribed to the services of a caterer. As a result, when he health tests to get permission to sea, he immediately started to pass because of the normal tension.

“The first time I once direct health tests were declared healthy. This is thanks to a special menu for the sufferer of high blood from my caterer message “, he said.

same thing you can do to cure other diseases such as diabetes. If you want your blood sugar goes down, you should go on a diet. Yes, the diet for diabetes.

You can prepare your own dishes/food that you want to consume. Or subscribe to the caterers who serve the provision of healthy food for diabetics. Yes, special food for diabetics.

How to make a Cookbook for Diabetesdan things you should look
That is very important for you to consider when creating dishes for diabetics is:

1. avoid the use of wheat flour, flour sago, sweet soy sauce, tomato sauce, and sambal. Using flour food, such as fried chicken flour, fried tempeh, tofu fried flour, etc. Food or anything that uses the flour you should avoid.

2. Eat a little rice with lots of side dishes. Why do many side dishes, as a side dish is a healthy food? Rice is only allowed to eat one half (1 1/2) suspended for a day. Yes, a day instead of once to eat as healthy people.

May be freely copied is its garnish. Can they make meat, vegetables, and fish? Then plus eating fruits. If not always, eat a little rice certainly is not yet full.

But later on, after you normally eat a lot of rice and a little side dish, you will feel comfortable. Yes, eating is depending on the habit. Indonesia was indeed ordinary people eat rice a lot. Anytime and anywhere, all it takes is the rice from white rice.

Then, even eating a lot of bread, they feel they have not been eating or not yet satiated if not eat rice. When your body needs are not physically rice. But the content of its nutrition value. Yes, choose food that much protein, not carbohydrate.

3. Food and drinks which contain a lot of sugar. Bread, for example, a lot of containing sugar and salt. Let alone bread. Certainly, a lot of sugar content so it tastes very sweet. Similarly the fruit in cans also contains a lot of sugar. Plus, label content provided in the packaging not often does not correspond to reality.

4. Vegetables are cooked with additional salt, cheese, butter, and sauce in large quantities.