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The best protein shake for diabetics typically contain low-sugar and this is very good for sufferers. because of high sugar content could raise the glucose that gives a bad side effect for diabetics.

Protein shakes muscle building functions that Act to a substitute food. so that protein shakes is very in demand for diabetics, which certainly should be low in sugar

Be careful in choosing protein shake was very necessary. choose protein supplements that do not interfere with blood sugar levels you. you could consume protein shakes to build muscle in the body and also another reason, namely diet.

So, does that protein shakes?

Protein shakes are important supplements for athletes to increase the amount of protein intake and also a supplement to the diet as well. This could build muscle protein the body normally protein supplement is a mixture between a liquid and a powder so that it becomes drinks consumed by athletes.

Perhaps the current protein shakes is very useful for athletes and sports enthusiasts. because of the protein with the support of performance athletes because it helps in the growth of muscles in the body. in addition, these proteins can also be for Restore energy depleted when doing sports activities.

However it should be understood that there is protein shakes on the market is not necessarily good for diabetics, because sometimes these protein shakes blend the assortment and the diabetics should p [intar choosing the best protein shakes for him.

Protein shakes and diabetes

Indeed the best protein shakes for diabetics as they are clever in selecting the protein. because many also protein shakes that contain high sugar.

It must be understood because many manufacturers of supplements protein shakes that use artificial sweeteners that are present in the drink are sold. of course, it is very detrimental to diabetics. when there is an error in choosing the supplements might result in bad against the rise in blood sugar sufferers.

Consuming too much protein

Scientific research is still much doubt how the effect if consuming these proteins in large quantities if it will have an effect on blood sugar rise. but scientists advise not to consume in large quantities due to protein When the excess in the body can be converted into glucose even though a bit slow. Unlike the carbs so quickly dissolves in the body.

Types of protein

The proteins that form the protein shake there are various kinds of which of course have different quality and content. some protein to build muscle more conducive. while others contribute more to recover the energy athletes. proteins are broken down and absorbed in the body has a level difference of speed. where whey protein faster acting while the slower acting casein.

Whey protein

Whey protein is an ingredient that is commonly used in the manufacture of protein supplement around the world. because this type of protein faster acting and was able to enter the bloodstream of about 20 to 40 minutes after you consume it. so that the benefits of these proteins more easily perceived by its users. This was due to the breakdown of proteins in the body and the reaction that directly can be felt.


Casein-derived from cow’s milk protein which is very slow in solving them and dissolve in the body. can last several hours after consumption. in the process of solving a slow body. this protein consumption is typically at night because the reaction is slow while the whey protein consumption while doing activities because of the effect that directly can be felt while doing the activity.

Soy protein

Soy protein is an alternative to get your protein shakes and it has been known for decades. this protein derived from a known soy as an ingredient to make a variety of milk.

From various sources suggested that soy protein may affect the body’s hormonal balance i.e. contains phytoeestrogen which can degrade the hormone testosterone.

But soy protein contains amino acids, arginine, which serves to launch a blood circulation in the body and is very useful for the sportsman.

Therefore, the selection of the right protein shake to be consumed by diabetics is absolutely necessary, to reduce the blood sugar in the body.

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