Shannen Doherty Cancer-Actress Shannen Doherty looks fantastic and is feeling great just days after showing she’s completed chemo and radiation for her stage 4 breast cancer.
MWSnap492 Shannen Doherty Cancer Treatment
Shannen showed off her short new’do, telling Terri,”I’m happy with the modest Twiggy haircut at the moment. I’m rocking it… I get ready in, for example, five minutes, so it’s excellent.” She added that she is feeling”great.”

I’m here and I am here doing something that’s so important to me personally using a base that means the world to me I’m so honored to be part of,” she said. “I just, I thank God that I am able to stand next to this guy right now.”


The 45-year-old opened about sharing her painful trip on Instagram, saying,”It is very easy to fall into the darkness when faced with hardship, but it takes a whole lot of power and perseverance to stay optimistic and try to continue, like teaching and moving ahead one step at a time, therefore I think that that’s why I share it… also actually it helps me since people compose my Instagram and it’s just so reassuring and they share their tales and it means the world to me personally it lifts me up”

Doherty was working with a trainer through her treatment and credits dance to lifting up her as well. “It brought positivity and fun when you’re faced with something that’s not so enjoyable,” she explained.

“Watching how he’s stepped into the darkness, turned into literally the depths of hell to save animals and to teach men who have done nothing but slaughter their lives, to see him be able to do that day in and day out gave me a lot of strength”

Marc is just as touched by Shannen. He said,”You know somebody who’s been through so much, it’s such an honor.” Doherty stated she is the person who’s honored to maintain Marc’s presence, announcing,”That is a fanatic.”