Signs Of Depression In Teens

Signs Of Depression In Teens-Adolescence does look fun because in those days you didn’t have to think about bills, work, and so on. In adolescence, you may spend more time for school and play with friends. However, do you know if a teen is thus susceptible to depression?
depresi-pada-remaja Signs Of Depression In Teens
In fact, being a teenager is not as easy as it looks
As a period of transition from the early day’s children up to early adulthood, adolescence is not uncommon to be a difficult time for teenagers. With the emotionally immature, they tend to be revolted at what they don’t like or approve of – so they are not seldom experiencing emotional turmoil.

Why do teenagers get depressed?
Social life, such as family relationships, friendship, romance or academic problems at school often makes teenagers feel depressed. In fact, it can be a source of mild stress teenagers – which if left can last a long time and lead to the occurrence of depression. Some factors that can be the cause of depression in teens which are:

  • Genetic factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Biological factors, depressed because of biological factors occur if the neurotransmitter which is a natural brain chemical is interrupted
  • The trauma that occurred during childhood, such as physical or emotional abuse, loss of parents
  • The habit of negative thinking

What are the characteristics of teenagers get depressed?
When a teenager experiencing depression, teens will lose the motivation and passion in performing daily activities, even against what he’s like. They will also be alone, barricaded themselves in the room for some time to compose his thoughts and feelings.

Teenagers who experience depression will also be a loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, the difficulty of concentration, difficulty remembering, apathy, feeling sad, anxious, desperate, tend to do negative things, even have the desire to commit suicide.

Distinguish depression in adolescents and a sad feeling okay
Feeling sad, disappointed, or despair is a reasonable thing experienced by adolescents, and are not necessarily those of teenagers suffer from depression. So to distinguish between feeling sad and depressed, we should invite them to talk, to figure out whether they can afford it or not able to manage their feelings.

However, if such sad feelings last long or disrupted the lives of teenagers, then go to a doctor to find out the actual circumstances and the precise handling.

The parent should do to help a depressed teen
Learn about depression.

  • The first step is to study the depression in order to help you find out about signs or symptoms, treatment, and care of children who are experiencing depression.
  • Note the sign or warning. Once you know about the symptoms of depression, you should be more sensitive to what your child show you – good feelings and behavior. Know the signs of depression early can reduce the risk of depression is worse.
  • Communication with the child. When you see your child have signs of depression, try to bring your child to communicate to find out what your child is feeling and think. It makes your child feel not alone in experiencing tough times.
  • Help your children get through tough times. When your child is experiencing depression, your child will experience some symptoms that interfere with daily activities. Therefore, you have to help your children get through tough times, one of them with the help of your child behaves live a healthy life – that can reduce depression.
  • Follow the treatment and care of regularly. You should also make sure your children follow the treatment and care of doctors – including ensuring your child is taking medication that is recommended by a doctor.

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