Reduce back pain Permanently
is acute or chronic back pain to make more? Cross tension and pain sleepless night? For this, there is now a band rug (lumbar) Bomedus. New products: Cardiac small Fiber matrix stimulation (Input ®). With that innovative stimulus, you will overwrite your pain memory so that you can permanently reduce your back pain.

Bomedus Band-Backs (lumbar) has already proven itself with a wide range of hernia, sliding bone in scoliosis and narrowing of rheumatic disease. Say goodbye to your back pain – and save yourself a lot of money for expensive surgeries and medications.
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Bomedus Get Back (hips) Band:

Myself at home for treatment:
In 2 x 20 minutes per day, you reduce your back pain by up to 70 percent in six weeks. Buy Now»
Together with the treatment of “Stop Pain”:
Learn how to completely reduce your pain from home. Take advantage of your private consultation time with doctors, pain experts and therapies, and Kaplan are created separately for you and many other benefits.