Symptoms Of Depression In Men

Symptoms Of Depression In Men-One of the symptoms of depression in men is when the conditions men huffy, irritable, aggressive, and even often drink large amounts of alcohol. Unfortunately, the men rarely recognize the signs of depression. They are even a lot of the cover signs and the problems experienced by the depression. Roughly what causes the onset of depression in men? Is there anything that can be done for cope with the depression of men?
Mengatasi-Penyebab-dan-Gejala-Depresi-Pada-Pria Symptoms Of Depression In Men
Signs and symptoms of depression in men
The condition of depression can affect men and women differently. When depression occurs in men, it may be covered by unhealthy behaviors. Often, depression is experienced man not undiagnosed and can eventually cause harm if left untreated. However, depression in men usually can be cured is improving along with the treatment done.

The following symptoms and signs depression guy behavior:

  • Feeling sad, hopeless or worthless
  • Feeling very tired and no energy for activity
  • Sleeplessness
  • Don’t get pleasure from usual activity is enjoyed
  • Other behavior in men can be a sign of depression, but it is rarely detected include:

Often avoid or silence in a place, such as spending a lot of time at work or the gym

  • Like drinking alcohol to illegal drug abuse
  • It often respond with violence or abusive behavior
  • Like the angry-angry without a cause
  • Perform a risk, for example as inconsiderate driving at high speed

What are the causes of depression so often in men?
It is not easy to detect directly what causes men experiencing depression. Because of each person’s depression, different causes, and symptoms. The following are some common factors why men get depressed:

1. physical health problems
Sometimes, depression in men emerged from the physical symptoms, such as back pain, frequent headaches, sleep problems, impotence, or indigestion, which is difficult to overcome by the normal treatment.

2. changes in life
This condition is usually accompanied by symptoms of irritability, sensitive to criticism, or even the loss of Your sense of humor. Some men may also be abusive or controlling his emotions and difficult. It can also include the problem of relationships, work, and social life of the living.

What can be done to overcome the depression men?
When men get depressed, many of them were difficult or even ashamed to ask for help from the nearest person though. Depressed men tend to talk about their physical symptoms, rather than emotional and psychological symptoms. This might be one of the reasons also why doctors sometimes cannot diagnose depression symptoms men.

Here are a lifestyle and home remedies that can help you cope with depression:

  • Try to recount the problems you experienced on the people you trust, such as a parent, friend, girlfriend, or psychiatrist
  • Regular exercise and healthy food consumption
  • Learn to relax and deal with stress You
  • Antidepressant drug use when necessary and according to the instructions of the doctor
  • Call your doctor if symptoms worsen depression
  • Call your doctor if you experience side effects medication
  • Call your doctor or the person closest to you immediately if you think suicide or to kill or hurt others
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you feel any symptoms of psychosis, such as hearing voices, seeing something that really isn’t there, or feels the fear excess

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