Teen Depression Test-Depression in teens is one of the themes that should be a shared concern nowadays. There has been no definite data regarding the rate of depression among adolescents. but news about the growing number of cases of juvenile delinquency, criminality teens to suicide, can be a starting point for parents, teachers and all of us to pay attention to bigger problems in the process of development of adolescents.;
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Depression is a common emotion disorder marked by a sense of sadness, apathy, pessimism, and loneliness … Depression is one of the psychiatric problems, but that does not mean that teenagers get depressed is crazy.

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Depression is one of the psychiatric problems, but that does not mean that teenagers get depressed is crazy.
Crazy notions and depression in adolescents
Madness alone is one part of psychiatric problems. But insanity has levels of problems is much higher and complex in the appeal of depression. The madness has delusions, hallucinations, the way of talking that is not organized and behave Catatonic. Insanity has symptoms that occur continuously for at least 6 months and the sufferer usually experiences severe social dysfunction.

While the depression has symptoms that have a range of events less than two weeks and ever-changing. Some of the symptoms that occur when the depression are:

  • The State of the soul is depressed almost all the time and almost every day, e.g. feeling sad. In children and teens may be the mood of temper.
  • Decreased interest or pleasure for real on all things almost every day.
  • Decrease in weight despite not doing the diet or increase weight significantly.
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia almost every day
  • Volatile or hampered his psychomotor almost every day.
  • Fatigue or loss of energy nearly every day.
  • Feelings of worthlessness, excessive, or improper guilt almost every day.
  • Reduced ability to think or concentrate, or arise not confident almost every day.
  • Constantly thinking about death or suicide without a detailed plan,
  • Attempted suicide or a specific plan for committing suicide.

How to recognize depression in teens
Depression should be quickly noticed by parents and the environment because depression can cause juvenile delinquency in schools, feelings of low self-esteem, drug addiction, behave, until the desire to harm yourself or kill yourself.

One way to identify depression in teens is to do a psychiatric test (psychological test) or psychological test. It needs to be done to find out the mental health level of teenagers, so it can be carried out preventive action, curative and rehabilitative programmes to the maximum.

The level of mental health can be known through the method of question-answer. Teen participants will receive a series of questions about their daily conditions. Through the answers they give, it will be done the analysis. The results of these tests will then be grouped into several levels of depression, from the mild to the most severe.

teenage depression diagnostic test
The psychological test result can be a reference for psychologists in providing proper handling of yan. Each individual has a different character with different levels of problems that need to be done so that different handling approach. Please contact your psychologist for handling depression further.

The success rate of the individual in the face of the problems will be more effective if it is supported by parents, siblings, friends and immediate environment. With the support provided, individuals who experience depression will regain the confidence and the ability to adapt to situations they face optimally.