What Are The Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes-Symptoms and characteristics of type 2 diabetes appear after someone experiencing a variety of signs and symptoms of diabetes? However, the characteristics of diabetes do not appear simultaneously, but his appearance gradually depending on conditions and habits of the prospective diabetes type 2 itself.
Symptoms-of-Diabetes1 What Are The Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes
Usually, people experiencing various signs of diabetes, they more do not know that it is a characteristic of diabetes as a result of inadequate knowledge and understanding about diabetes.

Factors of the habit or lifestyle greatly influence the progression toward diabetes traits, for example, many people sit more quickly experience the signs of diabetes than people who are more active, people who like and often drink products sweet drinks faster at risk of diabetes than those who rarely drink sugared drinks.

Signs and characteristics of type 2 diabetes are almost similar to the traits in type 1 diabetes, only in patients with type 2 diabetes in their body still produces insulin, but not enough to overcome a rise in blood sugar.

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Early symptoms
How do I understand? Here are the characteristics of type 2 diabetes in General

1. Mouth feels dry.
Your mouth feels dry because the kidneys need an intake of fluids to thin the excess sugar which will be dissolved along with the urine so that the body needs more incoming fluid.

When patients do not provide water for drinking, then the Agency will be dehydrated with a marked dry mouth. To resolve this condition, expand drinking water so as to offset the amount of fluid that comes out due to frequent urination.

2. The Agency felt fatigue
Fatigue occurs due to fatty acids and glucose cannot enter muscle. The energy takes on when prospective patients type 2 diabetes affect the activities of life.

The energy produced by the metabolism of glucose and fatty acids with the help of insulin, the process of the formation of energy takes place in the muscles.

When insulin cannot enter muscle, automated glucose also cannot go into muscles so that negates the process of the formation of energy. As a result, patients felt very fatigue even though only a few activities.

3. feeling very hungry and want a lot of snacking.
Hunger is associated with a sense of tired that appears. When patients experience fatigue, the brain automatically sends signals to the stomach that defines that the body experiencing hunger so diabetes candidate type 2 feel like eating much.

Not only that, sometimes they add snack intake by more often to cover a hunger so that hunger is a sign that they will have type 2 diabetes.

4. the Difficult concentration and irritability.
To better concentration, the brain needs food that is glucose. Due to the lack of insulin, so glucose is difficult to get into the cells of the brain so that misbehaving like difficulty in thinking, feeling, confusion and failed to focus. This circumstance will make prospective diabetes irritability so be irritability.