What Can I Take For Depression-Depression is a common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, decreased energy, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, and poor concentration.
Depression_in_children What Can I Take For Depression
Yes, I have experienced depression and is currently in a period of recovery. I experienced all of the above, namely the loss of my interest in things that I usually like, feeling guilty, appetite, and insomnia that greatly. I have a little story first Yes, why I ultimately could be depression. July 2017 and then, my father died of heart disease exactly two days after the announcement I received the education of a College Graduate in the country

My mother also had died earlier in January 2013 also because of heart disease exactly two weeks before the trial of my thesis. The feeling I had when my father was jumbled. Sadly Yes, sorry Yes, anger is the same home pain, Yes, and of course a sense of loneliness and myself because it feels now have to bear everything alone until missing the passion for life.

I am sure, people who experience depression is the one type of thinker. They will always think why something bad happens to them, dug soaks what folly on an ongoing basis, and there is always a feeling of loneliness despite having a lot of friends. A great many who associate depression with the religious. However, according to my personal … Baseball also hell.

I, myself, believe in God and I know that everything I experienced is something that has been ditakdirkanNya. People say if Miss pray may be reunited in heaven. However, the longing that critically upon their existence seems to me is another. When I got good results in the work, of course, I would like to share it with my parents. When I get good results in lectures, of course, I would also like to share. When I’m controversy romance, of course, I would like to tell a story to them.

However, for me, the old man is a figure where I share many things, always reliable, and always affection and love any of my conditions. There are other matters that I had to deal with the death of my parents made me always thinking a lot especially during the evening after the Office.

I then told my closest friends about my circumstances. I’m sure it’s not easy for anyone experiencing depression for daring storytelling will be the case. Surely that is expected after the storytelling is the sense of calm, feel supported and not alone. However, I got just the opposite. Don’t compare. Shouldn’t say that what people were naturally not comparable to what other people out there.

That there are others who are more miserable and suffering. Better listen to what is the problem the person . Scars exist even if you can’t see them. More importantly, if we know your friend is depression, frequently invite her out to socialize or at least more frequently asked. Many people depression that ultimately chose the end of his life because I’m sure they don’t get a sense of comfort with him. Try more often says “you did well.”, “you’ve worked hard”, “you’re worth it” to people near you.

Depression or mental illness clearly is not messing around. According To The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION;

Almost 1 million lives are lost yearly due to suicide, which translates to 3000 suicide deaths every day. For every person who completes a suicide, 20 or more may attempt to end his or her life. Today, depression is estimated to affect 350 million people.

See, how many people get depressed in this world and how much the number of people who in the end decided an end to his life. Depression can occur due to loss of job, nearest, bullying, Cinta, and shortcomings that are in the person’s self. In addition to the help of those closest to, certainly, myself have tried everything possible to get out of that feeling.

I have some tips to eliminate or reduce the depression which I think is quite effective.

1. avoid solitude, come out to socialize

The hallmark people depression is glad to be alone in the room and then listen to the songs of melancholy that prompted him to cry while musing on what happened to her. You have to force yourself to get out and meet with friends. You can also chat with your friends via chat or Call WhatsApp, Skype Call, or Line. Follow activities that concern you enough positive and thus reducing the dream time.

2. Traveling

try it, want it, solo traveling participated the open trip, or the same friends. Search for destinations that roughly make you relax and delight you. Last year I stroll over to Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia and powerful enough to reduce depression because there are feel relax after seeing a nice view-nice, the food is tasty-tasty, new cultures, and interact with new friends. Coming back from a walk exactly feel calmer minds and fresh.

3. Sports

try it, you sport, whatever you like. Be running, swimming, badminton, golf, fitness, whatever that is. If I still run at the weekend. Maybe the diaphoretic also can excrete all tired. Haha. He said, sports dopamine and secretes a great endorphin to improve mood. The Agency certainly feels fresher and more positive thoughts. Don’t let yourself baseball a lot of moves or just in bed because it encourages you to feel sad.

4. reduce caffeine

As a lover of coffee, coffee is usually consumed me almost a day, two to three times, after experiencing depression, consuming caffeine definitely will make my brain keeps working and make it increasingly difficult to sleep. Better to drink a cup of warm cocoa before bed let her sleep soundly. Oh yes, my early fair relies on any medication which can cause drowsiness to sleep. But, I eventually got another way i.e. forced me to sleep a scheduled. 11 night I already turn off the room lights and trying to go straight to bed without thinking anything. Indeed I often still remains difficult to sleep, but lately, it’s been quite improved. Force yourself to sleep on a regular schedule.

5. Opponents mind negatives

People usually think of depression the negative side of himself to the point where he was not useful. When the mind was to suddenly present, quickly takes by doing other things such as reading a book, watching a movie that is not melancholy, or so many thought of what the pros you and sharpening it.

6. Hover yourself with people that are humble, positive and optimistic