What causes diabetes in dogs? certainly, many who do not know about this. Diabetes is one of the most common hormonal diseases occur in dogs. Diabetes in dogs can occur at the young age of 18 months. Most diabetes in dogs occurs between the ages of seven to ten years old when dog diabetes diagnosis is made.

Approximately 70% of dogs with diabetes is a female dog. The types of dogs that are easily affected by diabetes is dog dachshunds, poodles, miniature schnauzers, cairn terrier, and a spaniel. Interestingly, diabetes is rarely seen on the Cocker Spaniels, shepherds, collie dog, and boxer.

so what causes diabetes in dogs is that dog owners are unaware of the number of carbohydrates and sugar from commercial dog food. Carbohydrates are metabolized into glucose in the body so they are considered a type of sugar. Both dry dog food and soft moist dog food are not good for diabetic dogs.

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Signs of the onset of diabetes in dogs

There are three clinical signs:

Canine diabetes usually shows a sharp increase in the consumption of their drinking water, along with an increase in urination. They often have very good taste, but lose weight. Finally, the appearance of cataracts in the eyes show could potentially be diabetes.

It is very important to diagnose early diabetes in dogs. If you see signs of the above on your dog, please do not hesitate to take him to the vet. If undiagnosed and untreated, a diabetic dog can arise life-threatening complications will occur due to the instability of the dog’s metabolism in their body.

The diagnosis of diabetes in dogs is generally quite simple. The presence of high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) and sugar in the urine (glucosuria) along with clinical signs that match the results of the diagnosis. In dogs, normal blood sugar levels between from 80 to 120.

Almost all dogs with diabetes requiring insulin therapy. Just as in humans, insulin therapy is done by injection. Most dogs need insulin twice a day is sufficient to control their diabetes. Syringes used are very small sizes thus making the injections are quite comfortable.

Insulin Therapy

There are different types of insulin are available, make sure you discuss what is appropriate for the type of your dog with your vet. Insulin should be refrigerated and stirred gently before use.

The Complexity Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious illness and complex. During the healing of diabetes drug has not been found, the animals and humans who suffer from diabetes will continue to require insulin therapy.
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