What Could Cause Lower Back Pain

What could be the cause of back pain?
Back pain can be due to many reasons and the cause can be quite. The location, severity, pattern, and type of pain, in addition to the history of pain, when the patient begins to feel pain, any activity or position that improves or worsens pain are all important aspects to determine the cause of pain and thus help in diagnosing and plan the treatment.
back-pain-460 What Could Cause Lower Back Pain
The cause of back pain?
The causes of back pain include irritation of large nerve roots, smaller nerves, even muscles of the lower back, damage to bones, ligaments or joints, degeneration of the intervertebral disc. The pain can spread to other parts of the body. Sometimes, back problems also cause muscle spasms, which can cause pain.

Sometimes, severe lower back pain begins after a sudden movement, activity, lifting heavy objects or after exercising (muscle contracture is one of the most common causes of severe back pain).
Many adults experience back pain mainly due to the degeneration of the joints in the spine (spinal stenosis), degenerative osteoarthritis and spinal arthrosis and due to spinal compression fractures.

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Frequent causes
Lumbar herniated disc (common in adults)
Degenerative disc diseases (common in adults)
Isthmic spondylolisthesis
Diseases with Sacroiliac
Osteoarthritis of the facet joint (common in older adults)
Fracture of spinal compression (common in older adults)

What are the symptoms?
In adults disk disc or wooden disc herniation or degenerative disc disease, in addition to soft tissues and muscular tension of the back can cause lower back pain. Although back pain is quite common, the symptoms and severity of pain can vary widely, so sometimes lower back muscle tension can be so painful that it requires a visit to the emergency room, while degenerated discs which can only cause mild and intermittent discomfort.

Low back pain can progress to the buttocks, legs, and feet (sciatica). The pain caused by the lumbar disc herniation can vary from a complaint of severe pain sometimes worse with table/standing. The pain of degenerative lumbar disc disease is very deep and worse when standing or walking. Knowing the symptoms, going to a specialist is the first step to obtain effective pain relief.

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When to seek immediate medical help?
Although most cases of back pain do not require immediate treatment, but if you experience pain due to trauma accompanied by weakness in the legs, severe abdominal pain, loss of urinary control and incontinence or sudden bladder, you should seek medical attention or treatment immediately. . Your doctor will investigate possible causes of pain, including spinal fractures, infections or tumors, and may recommend appropriate treatment.

How to diagnose back pain?
A better diagnosis helps to classify the patient’s condition as one of the following types of pain: axial pain of the lower back; this is limited to the lower part of the back; Lumbar Radicalulopathy: more severe pain in the legs, buttocks or feet, and this is associated with numbness or weakness; Pain in the lower back with referred pain: pain extends to the groin, buttocks and upper thighs, but rarely below the knee. The classification of pain is important to guide the correct treatment plan. If the pain is severe and does not subside within 6 to 12 weeks, a specific diagnosis becomes more important. Column specialists will recommend X-rays, CT scans, myelograms, and MRIs, based on the patient’s history, cause, and severity of pain.
Which is the treatment?
Treatment for low back pain depends on the patient’s history, type and severity of pain. For some types of pain, the treatment and exercise of low back pain, rest, attractiveness, application of heat and ice packs and physiotherapy fulfill this function; However, for more severe and persistent pain relief procedures, newer treatment modalities such as endoscopic surgery may be recommended. Therefore, due to several reasons and health conditions associated with back pain, it is always better to approach neurophysics or neurosurgeons to exclude severe health conditions.

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