If the low back pain
Modern studies show that women suffer from more intense than people from back pain. In fact, this claim is reflected in the lumbar spine in women based on physiological differences between women and men and the amount of the highest cause. The difference can be made in the cause of the disease for lumbar pain, they are common to both sexes and as a risk factor for pain is exclusive to women.
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Causes and symptoms of back pain
With a variety of possible causes of your back pain in your spine, you should always bear in mind that in nearly 90 percent of all cases occur there is a disease base that can be diagnosed. Instead, there are muscle tensions arising from the failure of the skeleton and the movement system. Lastly, the lower part of the spine should carry the entire load of the upper body.

Often, the causes of the lumbar pain can be identified the position of the body that is totally different. They are, for example, based on a wrong position, such as back round or bent posture heads. Then the backbone tries to compensate for the static balancing of humans to this point of the body shaft. Hotel swings somewhere else in the opposite direction to absorb an imbalance in the establishment. In addition, it tried to keep parts of the body moving too far away from the axle by muscle tension.

Constant fatigue causes tension and then pain. Also the length of the irregular leg, which causes the pelvic slope, resulting in misalignment of the lumbar spine and can cause pain. And finally, lumbar pain is often based on a lack of balance, psychological symptoms of stress or fatigue, and depression, weekdays are usually very heavy routines.

It is clear that the sick, who have taken place permanently for a period of time, creating a danger for chronification, namely permanent complaints and ailments.

What you do against back pain
The good news is that you can actively contribute to alleviating this pain, often for freedom of appeal, making positive changes in your lifestyle and your own body. Physical therapy and preventive measures, compensation, sports physiotherapy and postural correction, relaxation techniques, and psychotherapy, or a reorientation to a healthy lifestyle are some of the possibilities that help solve Muscle hardening. We have compiled the best back pain therapy.