Why Do I Have Lower Back Pain

Why Do I Have Lower Back Pain-the fact that they have low back pain is almost a statistical certainty! But it is important to distinguish between probabilities and possibilities. The fact that something is possible does not mean that it will happen. We are better prepared to surrender our destiny to others than to take it for ourselves, a manifestation of the unfortunate human condition.

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So, why do you have back pain? My clinical observations have revealed many reasons for back pain and this is also supported by data from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMSD), a branch of NIH. Lower back pain can be caused by each, or a combination of, the following:

– Spinal Misalignment
– Poor physical fitness
– Being overweight
– Poor posture/ergonomics (especially at work)
– Smoking

The list is not complete at all, but I deliberately studied it with the things that YOU can influence. Worrying about things you can not control is the abuse of most of your energy and, ultimately, if you have back pain, your energy is a valuable asset. Based on this problem, people do not really ask the right questions. Low-quality questions are likely to result in low-quality answers. Instead of asking: “Why do I have back pain?” Consider the following; “What can I do to eliminate back pain?”

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At first glance, this question seems similar, but it can not be more different! Look closely, “Why do I have back pain?” Dove as a temporary victim “What can I do to relieve pain in the lower back?” Empower him to control his health! You have put precious resources, energy, in the right place by asking alternative questions and regardless of the cause, finding answers to permanently eliminate back pain will require a lot of YOUR energy and a good chiropractor! The first step in the trip is the most important. Go to the chiropractor, check your spine to detect misalignments and get rid of your back pain.

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